10 Reasons why you shouldn’t join Women’s Inspire Network

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1. You don’t want to have more friends and support. 

2. You don’t like Samantha Kelly!! 

3. You don’t want to raise your profile 

4. You don’t like learning new things and don’t like social media.
5. You don’t want to make more money
6. You hate events where you can learn lots and meet new people.
7. You have enough customers and don’t want any more.
8. You don’t want people to know you are the expert in what you do.
9.  You don’t want to collaborate with others or you don’t like to share your knowledge and assist others.
10.  You are not a nice person and bitch about people all the time, moan about having no clients and you are always watching what your competitors are doing instead of working on your business.





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