14 Steps to take before you get started with PR

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Dear Ladies, 

Here’s a few things I recommend to have in place before you get started with PR, as you know, it’s so much easier to be as prepared as possible right? 

1. You need to know what media your audience is consuming, ie what do they read, watch and listen too; it’s not about what media consume, it’s about what media does your audience consume! 

2.Once you know what media they consume, start to watch, listen or read that media regularly, and get a feel for it! 

3. When you have a feel for the media that your audience consumes, then you need to pick; depending on your time; 3-5 things, and start to build relationships with that media on twitter -Ie @RedMagDaily, which journalists writes for the part of the magazine which you want to be featured it? 1,2 or 3 different people? ie – Editor, subeditor and some assistants or freelancers! Then start building a relationship with them now on Twitter, before you pitch! 

4. Researching the media + creating relationships with the journalists might take a bit of time but it will pay off. 

5 .You need to have a Twitter Account, as the media hang out there 24/7!! 

6. You need to have high resolution pictures ready, and on your website. 

7.You need to be able to share your story of why you started your business and have some personal stories you are willing to share which might not be directly connected to your business, yes really, ie you might love animals, or love going dancing! 

8. You need to be able to articulate your message, and your opinions about your business directly and indirectly, as otherwise the media will swiftly move on, they have to make snap decisions, so you want to be as prepared as possible! 

9.Here’s me sharing my business why: I am doing what I am doing as I love connecting people. I always have done. I love helping people to be seen and heard I find it fun and a wonderful challenge! I love walking in the woods, animals, hot baths, yoga, and I’m a vegan. 

10.I recommend you get clear on your values both personal and professional too, as these could be woven int your PR pitches; ie I was on the BBC news chatting about veganism. 

11.I recommend you start to read a daily newspaper and week-end paper to get a feel for what happens with a story, from how it breaks to how it develops. 

12 You need to have at least 20 written blogs, yes really, as many journalists do not have time to watch your videos, or cannot watch them; yet they can scan blogs. Without written blogs the media might not believe you know what you are talking about! 

13. If you are stuck about blogging, I suggest you invest jus £1 in @SarahArrow ’s 30 Day Blogging challenge. She’s one of the world’s experts in blogging, and lovely too Her challenge will help you get your business voice into your blog which the media will love and give you a number of different types of blog posts, as your blogs need to be varied! 

14.Support the media before you pitch them. You can do this by retweeting them, liking their posts, and genuinely commenting on their tweets or pieces. When this is done, in a heartfelt, non-stalkerish way, they will appreciate it, as they are humans doing a job too! 

I trust that helps ladies! Very soon, I will be opening my PR Training Academy to be the first to know when it goes live email me directly : [email protected] 


Love Carrie Eddins x




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