5 Things I have learned since joining WIN!

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1. Team: As we all know when you become an entrepreneur, it can be a lonely journey while we build our business and if our business allows someday we will have members joining our team. Since becoming a member of Women’s Inspire Network, little did I know what a great team would jump on board to help me with my business and also that they would allow me to become part of theirs! Like any team, I can bounce ideas off them and get great feedback to help me with my business and also in turn I can offer advice where I can to help them too.

2. Support: When I had some decisions to make with regards direction of my business I received great support from the members and it made decisions a lot easier to make. It helped me to look at things with a clearer mind and to be able to decide not only what was right for my business but for me too!

3. Confidence: I have always considered myself overall to be confident in life but as it turned out that was how I wanted people to see me. As I began my journey as an entrepreneur I was very excited and as time passed and challenges came my way, I began to place doubts in my mind which led to my confidence in myself decreasing in myself. Thankfully, my confidence has increased again. The WIN members helped me to rediscover myself and my path within entrepreneur journey.

4. Belief: As we know, life can sometimes get in the way along with challenges and for me, I allowed this to zap the belief I had in me to be a successful entrepreneur. It was exhausting and upsetting to be honest as I felt my dreams were slipping away and that I was letting myself down. Through reaching out to the WIN members and gaining my confidence, I also gained back the belief I once had and also felt a better belief in myself because now I felt no matter what challenges come my way, I have a great team around me and I CAN and WILL be the success that I have defined for myself.

5. Self Care: As someone who gave up their career to become a stay at home mum and then entered the world of being a work at home mum, there was a lot of guilt attached as I made the transition and me in the middle of it all suffered. Learning from other WIN members it has reminded me as to how important it is to take care of ourselves. If I don’t put me first I am no good to my businesses and more importantly to my family who are part of my businesses becoming a success. I now take time for me on a daily basis as best I can so whether it is to go for a walk or even just 5 minutes to actually enjoy my coffee, it is time for me and only me to revive my mind and take care of it!






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