5 tips for you to become a published author.

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My second crime novel ‘The Healer’ is out on January 22nd 2019. My debut crime novel launched as a number 1 Best-seller last January and from this and other work, I’ve learned that networking with other writers is key. Follow other writers and learn from them. @sharontwriter is my twitter handle and I also run #Writerswise

Here are 5 more tips for you to become published too.

1. Believe in yourself. Build your confidence by sharing your work with others.
2. Join writing clubs, group or courses and practice your craft.
3. READ everything and anything. Support other writers and emerging writers.
4. Listen and learn from experts in the writing industry to know when you are ready to…
5. Submit to literary agents/publishers who you’ve researched as representing your type of work.

With these tips in mind I run an online writing group. It is called indulgeinwriting.com and I’m excited about the plans for 2019. It isn’t easy to do all the above 5 things alone. Joining my online writing group will cover all of these tips.

‘What is it all about?’ I get asked.

‘Indulgeinwriting will help build your writing life,’ I grin. The blank stares. If you are starting in writing or don’t write at all. What does this even mean?

Depending on your dreams or where you are with writing, Indulgeinwriting gives you the time, space and suggested paths to find where you need to be writing-wise. #WritersWise

You might want to pen an award winning novel or you may need somewhere to ask, ‘what is a short story, an essay, flash fiction, what does writing voice mean? How do I start?’

Maybe you’d like to finish just one small piece and start writing? Or you’d like to learn about the industry, or submit to a literary magazine? Or you might be hunting for an agent or publisher? There are events and people on indulgeinwriting.com doing all of these things.

For many writers, the main issue is stealing the time to write. That’s where the ‘indulging’ comes in. We all need the time, space and safety to share our need and love of writing. People on indulgeinwriting.com ‘get’ writing. They get why we write and they also ‘get’ to the task in hand. Writers support each other regardless of the rung of the ladder they are on. You will find support and safety on indulgeinwriting.com. Some members simply listen and learn and hardly share at all, while others are chatty and knowledgable. At all times we wish for it to be a ‘private online writing group.’

We listen, learn and let ourselves write. There are beginners with us and established, successful authors stay on the group, when they join us for online events.

Events? What are they?

indulgeinwriting.com provides online interviews or interactive sessions with writing experts. We’ve had an impressive array of writing industry people talk and share their expertise with indulgeinwriting.com 2018. Agents, literary scouts, play-wrights, journalists, freelance writers, crime novelists, romance and women’s fiction writers, historical fiction…. you get the idea.

What makes indulgeinwriting.com different?

Gulp. The answer here is – me and the events I organise. I started out writing with an online writing group and I found my passion. I’ve published a best-selling novel and I have another on the way in January 2019. I love writing and I honestly want to give back to help other writers. I also want to be able to pay myself and my guests for their time.

The new year is coming and with my book coming out and lots happening, I wanted to let you all know in advance what the plans are for Indulgeinwriting 2019.

From 1st Jan – 10 Feb 2019. Introduction
There will be an introductory course to indulgeinwriting.com for 6 weeks. For €50 there is access to a FREE daily, online members forum and SIX interactive, online events with myself and six different writers on;
Starting Writing fiction and non-fiction,
Creative Writing prompts and motivation,
Writing different genres,
Getting book deals, agents and publishing.

Following this a 3 month writing group starts from (February – April) for €99. This is for 8+ new online recorded and interactive events. I’m extremely excited to tell you that during these a top US agent and UK publisher will join Indulgeinwriting! There will be more in-depth exploration with these 8 different authors, agents and publishers!

My Gold Members or 6 month members will be heavily involved at this stage and will have access to 15 (more being planned) exclusive, recorded and interactive online events. They will also have FREE access to a large, private and established members forum for daily interaction and motivation for €150.

Purchase my novel here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Abandoned-gripping-crime-thriller-ebook/dp/B078XLQ2BW/ref=nav_signin?ie=UTF8&qid=1515670275&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Abandoned+Sharon+Thompson&





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