6 Ways to Motivate Yourself after Lockdown

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Let’s face it, life’s different! It’ll take some adjusting to the effects of lock down and its easing. I’m sure you had and are having your own personal and unique challenges. What now? Looking for work? Returning to work?  back to the balancing child care act… Are you kicking and screaming at having to leave your cocoon? Or pulling on your running shoes to leave the monotony behind? Or suffering from a “mental health hangover”, internally disorientated, in a fug?

The good news, as per the Stoics, the only things we can control are How we think and how we act. What would you like to focus on now? How about those dreams and goals?

Let’s get motivated. Taking what you can control and can achieve into your own hands is a powerful thing to do. Let’s get powerful!

Taking action is the only way to see results. You may have a dozen brilliant ideas, hopes and dreams but nothing will happen if they stay in your head. It’s not always easy to stay consistent and build momentum. The puzzle pieces are proper planning, taking action and motivation.

How do you motivate yourself to continue working toward your goals, especially when you face such never before seen challenges? Some of these will appeal to you more than others but it’s good to experiment, you can add extra recourses and learn new skills. This can be empowering in itself. Give yourself the gift of curiosity.

Try these techniques to motivate yourself to take action:

1-Break your goals into smaller, attainable steps. Especially if you’re working toward a bigger goal, break it up into a series of small steps that you know you can achieve. After each step, celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done. With small steps, you’ll be more likely to stay on task because your rewards come often.

2-Know your limits. You know yourself best and only you can identify your personal limits. If you move too slowly, you’ll know deep down that you could be taking more action. However, when you try to do too much, you risk burnout. Figure out that magic point where you can achieve success without much stress, and you’ll remain motivated to keep taking action.

3-Take away your distractions. There are some things that might be more likely to distract you than others. Remove yourself from these situations when you know that you need to be taking action.

4-Ask for the help you need. Don’t be afraid to get help from others. There’s only so much you can accomplish in one day all by yourself. It’s true that sometimes you’ll have to accomplish certain things on your own, but if there’s any way at all that someone else can help, consider that possibility and ask them. We are all in this together after all.

5-Find an activity that energizes you. Lark or a night owl? Chances are there’ll be times during the day when you hit a slump, find some activity to re-motivate and energize you. A good exercise routine (heck a good walk) will get your heart rate up and send fresh oxygen to your brain. This will refresh you and help you think more clearly, you’ll be raring to get going on your goals.

6-Keep a tight schedule. A good schedule and organized plan will help keep you motivated and on track. In the beginning phases of planning your goals, be very specific when deciding what you need to do and when. This way, when you complete a step, you won’t have to spend time figuring out what you’re supposed to do next.

If you want to succeed, you can do it through purposeful action. Just think about what you’ve done to accomplish goals in the past. Chances are you had a plan and followed through. It might not always be easy, but when you remain motivated, you’ll reach whatever goal you set out to accomplish!

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