A Day On The Farm With OBR Merino

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I have a little caravan on a private beach on the edge of a farm. My family have been fortunate and privileged to have been using this spot for over 75 years.

It is my soul place.

It’s where I go to completely unwind and get away from the stresses of life, television, wifi, housework, weeds…..

I am sure you get where I am coming from.

I swim and relax, read, paddle board and catch up with others who have been going there for a long time too.

on the farm with merino

The other day I put on my oldest pair of shorts and a tee shirt that should be in the rag bag. On went some sand shoes and then I threw a merino wrap on and suddenly I looked dressed up enough to go almost anywhere….well, within reason.

on the farm with merino

So, after a stroll on the beach,

on the farm with merino

and a quick cuddle with Maizie, we were off.

I don’t get much chance to drive these days because Miss E is learning to drive, so, it’s up to me to get these gates.

on the farm with merino

On a farm there are always a few obstacles left by cows and sheep and ditches to jump.

Take a look at this next very clever photo taken by Miss E. You can really see the surrounding of beautiful New Zealand farmland and the pristine seaside.

on the farm with merino

I felt so dressed up we even went and looked at a rather stunning piece of roadworthiness.

on the farm with merino

After a coffee from the local it was back to visit the inhabitants on the farm

on the farm with merino

The sheep had been round up waiting outside the shearing shed.

So then it was time to say hi to the cows.

on the farm with merino

Oops there goes another clever photo by Miss E

on the farm with merino

….then it was time to go back and relax still cosy and not feeling at all over-dressed (or under-dressed) in my merino wrap.

on the farm with merino

So until next time when I will take you with me for a day around Christchurch.




Jan Turley designer

Jan Turley


Jan Turley is dressed courtesy of OBR Merino and Baker St.  To See The Collection of stylish travel wraps and fashion made from 100% New Zealand Merino wool head to the OBR Merino website.