Being work ready for 2018

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Here are 7 points to be work ready for 2018:

1. Find a coach

“Nothing is
impossible to those who act after wise counsel and careful thought.”

A good
coach will help you realise your potential, maintain perspective, achieve
success and provide a safe space for challenging conversations.


2. Celebrate and have fun

What gets
recognised gets repeated, what gets celebrated becomes a habit. Individual
recognition and group celebration fuel high performance. Make an effort to
compliment people doing something right and make time to celebrate success. Fun
belongs at work and when it’s isolated work isn’t fun. Fun and work naturally
go together, work is more productive and performance is better when it’s fun.


3. Learn to problem solve

The ability
to problem solve is one of the most sought after skills in the marketplace. There
are six essential skills involved in problem solving : generating mindset,
acquiring knowledge, building relationships, managing problems, creating
solutions and delivering results.  We
must be skilled in all areas to ensure we can address and attack problems as
they arise, however, we need to understand our strengths and limitations in
each area to ensure we can compensate and tap into the skills of the team to
move in a new direction.


4. Don’t put off difficult decisions

must have courage to make difficult decisions and to see projects through.  There is a fine balance between being
supportive and demanding, Rome wasn’t built in a day but Rome was built. 


5. Identify opportunities and priorities for

Establish a
small quality team with sole focus of improving standards, identifying
opportunities for innovation and improvement, include known sceptics and ensure
service views are represented.  If
possible seek external accreditation.  


6. Deal with disappointment.

Even people
and organisations with the best of intentions and processes have the capability
to disappoint.  If you cannot influence
decisions no matter how unfair they seem at the time, move on and continue on
your journey undeterred.  It is not
possible to get everything right, or to please everyone, it is best not to take
the reactions of others personally. Let go, move on and don’t give time or
energy tothings you cant influence or change. 


7. Make it happen

Have both
long and short term targets and have clear success measures for both. Work out
where the invisible barriers to change are and develop a strategy for breaking
through them and don’t lose sight of the end by excessive concentrating on the
means.  Take work seriously but don’t
take yourself too seriously, do your absolute best, have no regrets and
kindness always.


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