Common challenges for the Female Entrepreneur – and how to sort them!

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  • Availability of grants, it’s like trying to draw blood especially if your product is not a physical one. 
  • Solution: Try crowdfunding or another avenue. Ask others how they did it. If you have good people around you they will be happy to share their experience with you. 

  •  ‘I’ve found it difficult after being let down by others. With life too getting in the way, it’s been a struggle for me to build up my confidence along with my positive enthusiasm to move forward.. 
  • Solution: People are human, they will let you down sometimes, it happens unfortunately. But lift yourself up, perhaps it wasn’t meant to work that way. Learn from the experience (yes it hurts like hell at the time) but dust yourself off and start again. Make sure you have people around you who can help you get through it.

    Dealing with lack of confidence can be very hard and daunting at times. You have to know your ‘why’ and surround yourself with really good positive people! I personally struggle so badly with my confidence at times and although I’m well capable of doing my job, my fears do get the better of me. I would say to any new entrepreneurs out there that it’s absolutely imperative to have a group of like minded people around you to have your back and pick you up when you’re down. 

  • You can feel quite isolated at times and overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things you need to juggle having your own business not to mention if you’re a mum also with young children.’ 
  • Solution – There are lots of ways you can build your confidence. Sometimes just listening to others and how they have coped helps.  So as mentioned, surround yourself with others who have ‘been there’ and who understand you really is important.

    ‘Confidence in yourself can be a struggle especially when starting out in a new industry, imposter syndrome is a very real thing. And sometimes there is that denial feeling, like am I actually doing this? You need to keep reassuring yourself that u can do it and what you think is most important but definitely getting a nudge and a compliment from a network like this can make your day so that support is so great!’

    ‘Juggling and trying to maintain balance between work and family life. As a Mum and especially when we work from home, we can sometimes be expected to do it all. This can take its toll unless we adapt our work schedule to fit into our family live instead of vice a versa which is often harder said than done!!! Delegation skills definitely come into play to and learning to accept our limitations!” – Dolores Andrew-Gavin 

  • ‘How so many women tear each other down rather than build each other up.
     Women should empower women.’   
  • Solution: Just keep doing what you are doing. People male or female who put others down will find someone else to target soon enough. Just keep being the best and ignore.


  • ‘The challenge of illness and inability to work after months of building a business. Having to cancel appointments and let clients down with no idea of when I will be able to return to work. The worry that after spending the time building a client list that my unavailability will make them turn to another business providing my service.’ 
  • Solution: Most clients will understand if you are ill. Try to find someone who can fill in for you even if it is a competitor so you don’t let them down. Your client will thank you. The competitor can be your ally sometimes. (Besides they won’t have your USP…..YOU)

    ‘Self-language is mighty important. The only person that stops one from achieving ones goals is self. I’ve learnt that over the years.  Believe that it’s happened already. Go to appointments and meetings with the imagining that you already have it. Be courteous and grateful. Give thanks to whoever you wish for the opportunity. And, be loving. Open to discussion. Work with the universe not against it.’ Jagdeep Sahans

    ‘Just starting your business takes great courage. Once started it takes hours and hours of your every day to build and grow your business. Your clients will let you know what they want from you and they are your research and development on where you build your business on. It is so worth it if you just take it day by day.’ 

  • Childcare, crèches only opening set hours. Also, no tax relief on child care expenses. People not taking you seriously:

    Keep at it, show your expertise,  ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you!’ (Steve Martin)

    People wanting you to fail/Begrudgers: 

  • Solution….forget the begrudgers, you are doing great things, and you will succeed.

    All of the above are real issues we face from time to time. But what makes the Female Entrepreneur so awesome is our resilience, courage, determination and drive. But a lot of these issues can be worked on or around with a good supportive network around you to share their experience and to advise you…sometimes just to listen. Join us and be part of something really special.


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