Cruelty Free Cosmetics

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When was the last time you checked your make up bag for cruelty free products? 

Let’s be honest, we are all eating healthier and choosing more organic options every single day. From fairtrade fruit and coffee, to gluten free cakes, “be gone” cows milk and enter almond & soya milk. 

But how aware are we with the products we use on our skin? 

Personally I am a huge advocate for cruelty free cosmetics. I stopped purchasing make up from companies that refuse to stop killing animals for the purpose of cosmetic production over 3 years ago, and I’m proud of that. 

A common misconception is that the bigger make up houses MUST be cruelty free! WRONG! Often they are the biggest culprits. 

Europe has become really really good at banning animal testing, however it’s still allowed in parts of the USA and all of China. In order to sell cosmetics in China, the government requires that the products are tested on animals. This is exactly what we have to stop. 

How can little ol me make a change? 

Everyone can make a difference. Nobody needs to throw out every item in their make up bag and go cruelty free straight away. It can be done gradually and in a way that you can afford. So let’s say for example you use MAC foundation, and it’s almost gone, perhaps buy a cruelty free brand next time, and if we do this each time a product runs out it won’t be long until you are cruelty free. Trust me, once you start you become determined to continue and to spread the word, and that’s what the cosmetics industry needs. 

Let’s force the big shots to stop animal testing! It’s not necessary and their lipsticks don’t look any nicer just because some innocent animals were blinded so you could wear it. Harsh words I know, but it’s hard fact. 

I am more than happy to help anybody you would like to learn more about cruelty free make up alternatives. 

Below I have listed some to get you started 

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Cruelty Free Cosmetics: 


Beverley Hills 

The Body Shop 

Bare Minerals 

Burts Bees 

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Kat Von D 


Soap & Glory 

Barry M 

Natural Collection at Boots 

Marc Jacobs 

By Terry


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