Decluttering – Creating space for something new in 2019

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I don’t know about you, but the beginning of a new year is the time for me to set new goals and intentions for the year ahead. I usually set myself 100 goals, and whilst I may not achieve all of them, I have a lot of fun trying.

For 2019, one of my big goals is to declutter my home again.

For me, it’s a work in progress as I’ve decluttered my home in the past,. It turned out that last time it was to create a space for my dad! Since his passing this year, we’ve started decluttering again. This time with the aim of re-organising and reclaiming our home. In the last year, it felt more like a nursing home than  actual home.

So what is decluttering anyway?

One definition is that it is “to fill or cover (something) with many things”. It’s usually associated with being untidy, however, being cluttered and being untidy are two different things. When something is untidy, it’s usually because something is in the wrong place.

Clutter is where you have so much stuff that there isn’t enough room to store it, and so you have trouble organizing it.

Personally, I love Marie Kondo’s idea of what decluttering is:

if it isn’t something you love or something that is functional, then it’s just stuff.

Decluttering therefore, is simply the removal and disposal of “stuff”.

The benefits of decluttering

Personally, I’ve found that decluttering:
– forces you to focus on what you want to keep
– allows you to get rid of stuff that no longer serves you
– creates space in your home
– makes cleaning and maintaining your home so much easier
– reduces the stress and anxiety associated with clutter
– reduces the amount of time you spend on home maintenance.

In addition, when my home is decluttered, clean and tidy, it’s a relaxing place to live in. I’m also much more comfortable having people visit or come and stay.

If you’d like to join me in January, by decluttering your own home, then pop along to my group: I set this group up to support people who bought my Positivity Planner as they developed positive habits, the first of which is, surprise, surprise, decluttering. Anyone can join. You’ll get a daily dose of positivity, weekly check ins and a couple of other things to support you in your decluttering journey.

I’ve  also written a number of blog posts around decluttering, which you can view here:


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