Do not give up because someone else does what you do!

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If I was to give you one piece of advice, it would be this – Do not give up because someone else does what you do!

I meet so many wonderful and inspirational people in life and business. Each of whom has a story to tell but feel one or all of the following:
– It isn’t good enough.
– No one would want to listen.
– They would be showing off.
– They are opening themselves to criticism and negative attention.
– Something similar has already been written.

These are all normal stumbling blocks – yes, normal. Plus, they can all be overcome.


By making your book the best it can be, and I am going to help you!

Let’s take the first two points:

It isn’t good enough, and no-one would want to listen.
Maybe your story isn’t quite there yet. Perhaps it needs to be finished, polished or tightened up to deliver a strong message, to have clarity and direction. That is all 100% doable and part of the service as your publisher. We take care of everything from qualified editing, cover design to digital and hardcopy print.

If you have a story to tell, knowledge and experience that will help others, you will ALWAYS have an audience. The issue might be how well that message is conveyed – this is fixable and will be taken care of for you.

Not only is it essential that your book is edited appropriately, but as your publisher, I am fully committed to helping each of my clients. I read everything you want to publish to ensure it makes sense, that you achieve clarity and say what you want to say. You can be assured you and your work are presented in the best possible way.

Now let’s take the next few points.

I speak to many writers who feel they may be harsly judged for publishing their work and don’t know how they will stand up to negativity. This can hold them back. They may not be able to push forward with their idea, the project they would ultimately like to publish.

When I first wrote my stories, I told no-one. Even after I published them, I didn’t tell many people. I felt it was my ego that needed gratification, and I would be perceived as being smug. I spent so much time stuck with these thoughts, I missed lots of opportunities. I didn’t start with my best foot forward. I made many mistakes – many!

This is why I understand anything you may be feeling around getting published. I had those same thoughts and feelings. It is also one of the driving forces around why I set up my own self-publishing business to help other authors get published.

Now let’s take the final point. So what if there is something similar written? There will always be other people doing what you do. Thankfully, we live in a free society, and no one person has a monopoly on creativity, innovation, imagination and flair.

You feel you have the same qualifications and knowledge as others do, but do you have exactly the same experiences, wisdom and interpretation? No. You are unique. Your experiences are yours. Your story is unique, yours alone.

Make this book, no – mould this book into one that is uniquely YOU and has your proud signature all over it.

At Orla Kelly Publishing, we support authors who write with authenticity and want to tell their stories in a way that allows them to connect with their ideal readers and make the impact they want to make.

If this is something that interested you, I invite you to connect with me for a complimentary consultation.


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