Dreams Do Come True!

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Do you believe thoughts become things? There is so much about it in on social media now “thoughts become things”, “be careful what you wish for”, “manifest what you want”, “dream it believe it”. I believe dreams do come true.

I manifested in my mind the cruise cure, I wanted to go on a cruise to experience so much I have dreamed of and this is what I got. I created this holiday in my mind when I was in the throes of cancer treatment.

These thoughts got me through a tough time. I was imagining sailing on a luxury cruise ship to the Caribbean and swimming in crystal waters with sea turtles. That is what happened!

When I was well enough to go away we did go on a 32-day cruise with Fred Olsen. We sailed on the Black Watch which I describe as a mature old lady, like a good old wine!

We had a return to Dublin so it was very convenient for us!

The itinerary:

  • Dublin – Ireland
  • Greenock – Scotland
  • Porto – Portugal
  • Tenerife – Canaries
  • Barbados – Caribbean
  • Antigua – Caribbean
  • Bequia – Caribbean
  • St. Maarten – Caribbean
  • Grenada – Caribbean
  • St. Kitts – Caribbean
  • Tortola – Caribbean
  • St. Lucia – Caribbean
  • Azores Islands – Portugal
  • Greenock – Scotland
  • Dublin – Ireland

It was a fantastic itinerary, just as I dreamed. It was my first time crossing the Atlantic Ocean by cruise ship, so exciting and relaxing.

swimming with turtles

Dreams Coming True

We had a lot of days at sea to relax so I spent a lot of time in the swimming pool and reading on my balcony as I had so such time. I made some lovely pals, most were seasoned cruisers, so it was lovely to talk to them about cruising. The ship was beautiful, the staff onboard were so kind and the food was grand and delicious. 

digigran celebrating her recovery from cancer

My favourite days were in Barbados, as we went on a catamaran cruise and I achieved my dream to swim with hard backed turtles, I was in heaven. My second dream was to sail on a catamaran to Mustique. It was so romantic! We were swimming in crystal clear turquoise water and we had fun at Basil’s Bar on the island.

Breanda Celebrating Good Health

I enjoyed every port in the Caribbean, every island has such a relaxing atmosphere and the islands are colourful with beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise water.

I love cruising and can’t wait to go back again and see more places as you can see so much on one cruise. Just being onboard a cruise ship is a luxury, with all your meals cooked and served, your cabin cleaned and to have fresh towels daily. If only we could live like this every day!

I firmly believe thoughts become things, and this cruise proves that dreams do come true!