Five Superfoods to Power up your Business

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Five Superfoods to Power up your Business

Have you heard this before?
You are what you eat.  
Do you believe this?
Uh, maybe.
Do you turn into a crisp when you eat a lot of crisps, no but if you eat a bunch of junk foods you have a harder time getting focused and being present for your business and your life.

Would you agree?

The key to success in business is consistency.
The key to success in a healthy lifestyle is the same. Make small changes each day that support focus, clarity, inspiration and success.

Here are a few suggestions to add into your daily meal planning to power up your energy and feeling fabulous so you can go out and conquer the world like you know you can!

Green Tea

Green tea is filled with natural antioxidants, no side effects like caffeine teas, various flavours to inspire and enjoy. Matcha is a green tea powder that is made from the leaves of the tea so it still contains fibre which we know is important for our overall health, especially gut health.

Brown rice.

Brown rice is so delicious and contains magnesium which is so important for mental health, good sleep and healthy muscles. Do you feel like you can give your business the attention it deserves when you have not had good sleep?

Dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate (hooray) contains antioxidants, magnesium and that little bit of sweetness we all love in our lives. With just a small amount each day it will help your focus and it is doing good work in your body.


Almonds contain vitamin E, amino acids, and protein. These are all building blocks for a healthy body. Raw or even roasted and salted ones are beneficial. Avoid coated or sugary ones but a little salty crunch goes a long way for a great snack or topping on salad or brown rice.


Mmmm fresh berries are so delicious like blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. When eaten in season they have the most flavour and benefits. They are like little scrubbers for our insides. So eat them for breakfast on porridge, yogurt or cereal. Pop them on salad or whip them up in a smoothie.

Did you know that when you eat foods in season they are preparing your body for the next season?

This is good self care. Do your best to eat regularly throughout the day so your energy stays consistent.
One more tip: When you sit down to eat, take a moment to breathe, notice 1 thing you are grateful for before diving in. A relaxed body and mind can process your meal much better than rushing and shovelling.


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