Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Panel Presentation

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If you’ve been asked to present as part of a panel discussion, congratulations!

To make the most of this opportunity and deliver the best possible experience for your audience, follow these five simple guidelines:
• Find out as much as you can about the audience before the big day. Determine how much your attendees know about the topic you’ll be discussing. This will ensure that you speak to them at an appropriate level. Delivering information that they already know will cause attendees to tune out.
• Show your enthusiasm! Virtual events can be somewhat dull without the energy of a live audience. Add a bit more drama and vary your voice more. It may feel too dramatic to you, but it will infuse your audience with energy.
• Contact other panel presenters before the event. Find out what they plan to cover, so you’re not repeating the same points. Repetition will bore your audience.
• Anticipate questions, and build answers into your talk. Audience members tend to be distracted as they try to remember what they’d like to ask, and you want to keep their attention on your message.
• Provide your audience with a way to contact you after the presentation. You’ll give them a way to get answers to questions that may arise after the presentation, and you’ll make new connections in the process.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be well prepared to make your role in the panel discussion a starring one!


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