Happiness: The key to success in digital marketing

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Why is this relevant now in the age of an exploding digital media landscape?  Because when you take away the fear of unknown technology and changing media – it is still just marketing.

We are witnessing a place of media convergence.  Today, most, if not all media  – no matter where it originated, also exists online.   

With media coming at us fast and furiously, and exponentially more time being spent connected, and navigating across digital and social channels, how can it really be as simple as it once was to get the attention of a potential customer, and to make them happy?

Is it still as simple as delivering on a brand promise, and providing a product or service that makes your customer happy?

I think so!

But how do we engage with consumers who are changing their online user behaviour as quickly as Facebook changes its profile layouts you ask? 

We as marketers are constantly second-guessing where we are allocating our marketing resources and time, seemingly because of the following:

FEAR of missing the next big thing.
RESOURCES – both financial and human.
CONFUSION about what tactics to focus on as the online world shifts again – and again – and again. 


Tips on delivering Happiness:

1. Know Your Customer (this will make them Happy) 

• Check your website analytics for top referral traffic and keywords used to find your website, then continue to build on the content that is attracting and engaging your customers to ultimately buy from you. 

• Use social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social or free tools, and use your  Facebook insights, Twitter analytics or others to “listen” to your customers and understand how to make them happy. 

• Allocate time and resources to understand changes in how your target audience is researching and transacting online. Read and educate yourself about digital marketing tactics that work to make customers happy.

I know a few things that work – Price transparency and the delivery of a brand promise. Pretty back to basics right? 

• Most importantly, if you’re taking the time to ‘listen’ to your customer’s online– be sure you act on that information. Simply monitoring the conversation without adjusting your strategy or tone,  will not help you understand how your consumer wants to receive your messages – now and in the future. 


2. Keep your eye on the prize. 

Understand your objectives 

• What are your objectives in your digital marketing campaigns? Are you looking to increase sales? To build a new audience? Launch a new brand? Increase brand engagement? It will make both you and your customer happy if your advertising is delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right consumer. Win win win! 

• With all of the new tactics available to marketers today, it is more important than ever to set specific and measurable objectives for campaigns. This makes me nostalgic for the Mad Men days really. This whole marketing thing has become a little bit mind numbing. 


3. Stick with what works. 

• If you have already developed an active Twitter following, and you’re seeing ROI (in sales and or website traffic etc) keep going!

• Continue to build on what works to make your customers happy. Build a team of Tweeters or a community of like minded businesses to help engage your audience further. 

• Don’t be afraid to test new channels. Consumers are spending a great deal of time online, you need to build in some budget for trial and error.   


4. Search is still king. 

Your customers are happy when they find what they are looking for.  In today’s mobile world, Local search is the priority.  More than 60% of all time online is spent on mobile devices. Claim your Google Business listing and make sure you are asking for and responding to reviews.  This is the key to visibility in the coveted mobile search real-estate. 


5. Integrate. Integrate. Integrate. 

• Make sure you integrate your campaigns online and offline. 

• Your brand’s digital footprint should have a consistent tone, creative brand message, and should always drive your target consumers to ACTION.

This is key. Ensure that all your brand’s digital and social media assets are navigating customers to act.  Action can be anything from click to call, or chat, Sign up, Make an appointment to Buy now.

Bring digital marketing back to the basics.  

This will make both you, and your customers happy!





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