How I got my 2nd Dream Job

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A west coast of Ireland, “Galway Girl”, I was born with a passion for horses, animals and nature.  I spent all of my holidays and spare time growing up on my grandparent’s farm in the beautiful Connemara countryside. This upbringing fuelled my love for nature and animals and inspired my career choices. 

My 1st dream job started when I graduated from High School and went to work with horses, it was a fairytale come true for me. I spent 18 years or so in a couple of yards locally and overseas, travelling and doing what I loved best, believe me it is a labour of love.  I eventually settled down and got married and when my son came along I found the yard hours incompatible with family life and left my job. 

At first being a parent and coping with family life took over and I was content enough, I still had plenty of pets to keep me busy, a small farm and new baby.  However, I knew in the long run I was going to have to do something else with my life if I didn’t go back to racing.  Some big changes were lying ahead for me. 

At school I was great at art and loved to draw (it was never nurtured back then), I come from a creative family and we were taught not only how to cook, sew, crochet (I don’t knit, I never enjoyed it), but how to use a hammer, how to mitre corners, change a plug…very important independent life skills which lead me to my next career choice….Art College(A story for another day). 

Graduating with a Degree in Fine Art 2005, I found my other passion, creating everything from paintings to sculptures!  I’ve been creating artworks for 12 years now and love my job, how could I not???

My love for horses, animals and art have slowly evolved side by side over my lifetime and as a professional artist I share my passion through the unique art I create for my clients.  

My working background with horses and animals provides me with a detailed physical and anatomical understanding of my subjects, while my experience as a rider, pet owner and artist enables me to express the personality, movement and spirit of each subject. 

Eureka…. the perfect job again… it is not easy let me tell you, art is subjective, I am very niche in my field, by choice due to my love and understanding of animals, there are lots of critics and that’s okay, they make you stronger.  It is not a job for the feint hearted, but…
Art can be extremely rewarding and I don’t mean just financially, it can be mentally and emotionally rewarding. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a client burst with tears of happiness; the emotional connection is enormous for the client and I know I’ve done a good job if they are moved by their artwork. 

Three years ago, we moved back to Ireland from overseas and I established my own business. I work full time creating commissions, selling cards and prints.  

The business continues to expand and evolve and I have learnt some valuable lessons along the way. 

Ask for help, there are amazing people out there. 

Pay kindness forward, Karma is wonderful. 

Believe in yourself, you can achieve your goals. 

Anything is possible. 

Share experiences and knowledge where and when you can.

It took me quite a while to adjust from being “mom” the artist who painted for the love of it, to a businesswoman who is evolving, learning and growing.


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