How to become a powerful communicator and see your business soar in 2019

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Everything begins and ends with how you communicate. Just pausing to think about this maybe enough to change your focus for 2019.

Communicating from the heart is gentle, wise, never forced and forever true. The language of the heart closes the gap between you and the person you serve. Communicating from the mind is forever limiting.

Your business is hand made with your love. Each day is a labour of love. The next step is the language of love, a golden thread of engagement sewn into the truth of why you do what you do and then communicated on paper, on line, on social, on digital, on email and in person.

Becoming a powerful communicator empowers your marketing.

TIP 1:
How to get into the grove of communicating from a deeper place. Speak to the story that shapes the life of the person you wish to serve. Let them know you understand their search because this is why you are here. Why you are here for them is powerful, even if you don’t think so.
Sharing experiences, mistakes and encounters inspires belief in what is possible for others..
Remember: your stories are not boring, they’re real.

Tip 2:
You are the unfair advantage in your business. It exists because of you! It survives because of you! No one else is you – you don’t have any competition. So speak freely and pour your heart into your message. No one else owns your message.

Tip 3:
Love first, then communicate. You speak their language when you identify with the very heart of their need, want, desire, pain and they value you because of that. You can speak to this because it’s the reason you made your business – for them. You are using what you can do/produce to wholeheartedly improve their life. They get you because you get them first.

So, is it all about how you make others feel when you show up?
Yes, yet in business it’s the inside out communication that can be the most difficult. To be a powerful communicator requires the shift to intuition, first. This is not a habit because you are educated and trained to be logical, first – it is more easily understood. Yet people buy with emotions over logic most of the time. To create the intuitive habit, open the ears of heart and listen from there first.

Finally Tip 4, the blog headline ended with ‘see your business soar in 2019.’

I purposely used the word ‘see’ to guide you to do more than look. Shifting your focus from looking to that of seeing is different – seeing is appreciating and recognising progress – even the small steps forward – acknowledging them, being thankful for the growth however it comes. Then before you know it the bottom line will soar when you are not looking so hard and communicating from the heart.


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