How to calmly publish novels.

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I’m publishing two novels in two months in two separate years with two different publishers. I am calm. Honestly, I am.

My historical crime novels, The Abandoned (2018) and The Healer (2019) were kindle best-sellers and The Quiet Truth is launching now December 2020 and The Murdering Wives Club is set to be released in January 2021.

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Have you’ve always wanted to write a book and thought you’d check out my blog post?

Well, welcome.

When the idea of a book hit me in 2012, I’ve been learning and gathering knowledge. I’ve found that people want this information. I set up online writing groups and a trending tweet-chat #WritersWise. I trawled other blogs, websites and online talks. I attended literary festivals and panel discussions. I even chaired a few. I interviewed authors for my online events, radio shows and articles in leading websites and magazines.

What have I learned?

Here are 5 things to start you off;

1. What is the purpose of your book?
2. What control do you want to have?
3. What time you will give to your book?
4. Do you have the confidence?
5. Are you prepared to market it yourself?

What is the purpose of the book?

Deciding on the purpose of your book might seem obvious. It is different to the theme or premise. Why are you writing a book in the first place? There is no right answer to this question… but…each purpose will take you on a different path.
If it is to make money – stop right now. Books rarely make authors a fortune.  
Is to compliment your business? Then, it’s a time-consuming and expensive element to budget for.
If it is a once-off project for family/friends, this will possibly not interest a main-stream publisher.
If it a charity book please note the money issue. There’s not much return for the work.
Will it highlight an issue or personal trauma? Be careful and get lots of good advice.
Is it to change careers? Then you will need to build an author brand.

What control do you want to have?

The control you have when your book is finished will depend on what way you get it published. Publishers will want you to sign contracts. To get to this stage, you will possibly need a literary agent. Finding and pitching to these people take time and effort. Once a publisher has your book, you may have no say in the pricing, cover or promotion. If having control is important to you, then you need to pick your method of publication, agent, and publisher very carefully.

What time will you give this book?

Books have words. Lots of them. Getting them into a printable form (whether fiction or non-fiction) takes work. Lots of it. If your book has a purpose, it will also have a standard word-count. My novels for example range from 60,000 words to 90,000 words. That takes time. Lots of time. Getting an agent or publisher takes patience and hard-work. Lots of it.

Do you have the confidence?

Can you deal with rejection and bad comments or reviews? If the answer is no. Stop. Even if you just want this book for your family, be prepared for them to avoid reading it. A writer needs nerves of steel and a great deal of patience.

Are you prepared to market it yourself?
Regardless of what way you publish your book, if you want to sell copies, you’ll need to market it yourself. Do you want your photo, words and videos of you everywhere? Can you face articles in newspapers, live interviews and speaking in public?

Are you still calm? Do you still want to write this novel or book?
Good for you! 2021 will be your year! I am thrilled that you are dreaming of writing your novel or book!

If you need help one-to-one or other guidance stay in touch. Find me on, and @sharontwriter

Remember to stay calm and keep writing. Best of luck.


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