How to connect with influencers and leaders on social media

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My perception of a ‘business person’ was someone in a suit who looked really smart but wouldn’t talk to the likes of me.  I really had a negative perception of people in Business as I’d had some bad experiences with a few people years ago. I worked in the bank and I was only 21, and refused to change my Tallaght accent or personality. Funny thing was the CEO’s and higher level people actually always spoke to me and smiled etc. But it was my peers who seemed to look down on me. 

There are actually great people out there who DO care about you and what you do. There are people out there who genuinely do want to get to know you and want to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

True business leaders will always LISTEN.
They will also introduce you to people who they think you should be talking to.
They will follow up with you and keep in touch.
They will share your content and good news when it happens. I know because I’ve met them.
They DO exist. 

I’ve had kindness showed to me by people I’ve never even met on social media.

So how do you find these people. ….Well start with Social media.
Seek them out. Find people who are tweeting about good stuff. Positive tweets. No bitching about others. Find people who share their knowledge and Re tweet and share good stuff. Ask others who you admire. Ask for help from someone who you admire. Ask for that referral. Reach out to them. If you don’t get a response then you will know they aren’t being authentic. (Granted, some people are pretty hectic but follow up at a quieter time. Sometimes leaders can miss emails). 

So try again. Engage with them on social media, get to know them more. People buy from people, so if they see you blogging about topics that they might be interested in, they will connect and notice you are talking about something they can relate to and you will be on their radar.

Share other peoples stuff too. It’s not all about YOU. Think of others. See if there is something YOU can bring to the party. How can you contribute or assist? Perhaps share THEIR article? Perhaps comment on their blog post. They will notice. Start to think about how YOU can help others instead of what others can do for you. Trust me when you start to do this and mean it, the good stuff will start to happen for you. 

Show that YOU are the expert in a particular niche. If you keep being the best at this, people won’t need to introduce you at all! Why don’t YOU become the leader. Show others how to do the right things, how to not ignore others and assist people. Remember, people will always remember how you make them feel. Do good stuff. Share great ideas and content. Share your knowledge, give tips and be kind. Watch the magic happen… 

The most successful people I know are also really kind and giving. They will always respond to tweets and they will always give you some time. They are busy people so don’t be discouraged by not getting a reply. They will get around to you eventually but more so if you are always engaging with them or sharing their content. They are human beings too with families, time management issues and other projects. Sure that is why they are so successful in the first place! 

So first things first. See what they are tweeting about. What are they interested in? You can tell a lot from someone’s Twitter feed. Comment on their articles or tweets. Re Tweet them if it’s a nice tweet. Leaders don’t want to be hanging out with negative people so am sure if they are genuinely great at what they do, they will only have good things to say anyway.

Good luck! Try these methods they really do work. You will be sitting having coffee with that person you admire in no time at all


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