How to create great content that your audience will love

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First of all you need to decide where are your audience hanging out. Ask yourself these questions:
Are they on Twitter? Linkedin? Facebook or instagram? Perhaps they are on Tik Tok? Its vital that you know who your customer is and what platform they are using.
What has worked before?
How do you measure what is working and what isn’t working?
Once you know where your audience are, then it’s time to start creating great content that inspires, resonates and helps them. Adding value is so important. If you are an expert in your niche, start sharing your knowledge – Show that you are the ‘Go To’ expert in your niche now.

Here are some ideas to create great content:
1. Ask. Find out what your audience want – Ask them. Do a poll or survey. Find out where they are having challenges at the moment. Find out what they want. This is about your audience and your customers not about you.
2. Write about your area of expertise. Give tips e.g. 5 easy ways to get more followers on Twitter or 5 mistakes you can rectify right now – That type of thing.
3. Do videos of behind the scenes e.g. the parcels going out the door, the customer who popped in to catch up or buy a special gift.
4. Create a community around your brand. Your biggest brand advocates. Reward them in some way. Feature them as a follower or the week or give them a shout out
5. Use images – Show what is happening in your world. If you are heading to a meeting or on a zoom take a photo. People buy from people they know, like and trust so show the office or the team zoom call. Show the human a bit more (During the pandemic people want to see human more and more) The photo with this article is taken where I go walking in the morning!
6. Create content from user generated content. Encourage your followers to post a pic of what they are up to or a photo of their working from home space for example. Encourage customers to tweet or post a pic using a particular hashtag. Give them an incentive to do this.
7. Set up Google alerts so that you can keep on top of the latest news. Share this content and give credit to the journalist or person who wrote the article. Trust me they will be happy to are sharing it for them.
8. Be yourself. Be human. Even big companies can show the human side. Engage with your audience if someone shares your content for you. Share others content and comment on it so that you create a relationship with new people.
9. Plan your content in advance. Create a plan for the week ahead or month ahead. Try Content Cal or Feedalpha for planning your content. Check out ‘Days of the year’ for important dates you can use when planning.
10. Create images using – Experiment with video or better still create your own videos with short tutorials explaining step by step how to order or how to do something that your audience would like to learn.
The main thing to think about is will this content educate or inspire? Will this makes someone’s day? Will this content start a positive conversation?
Stand out from the rest.  Experiment. And don’t be afraid to press that red button and start using video. Your phone is your friend. And you are your business. Start telling your story and show behind the scenes. Watch your customers and followers grow!


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