How to Get Your Story Out There to the Right People

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We often hear it said that not everyone is our audience and we sure know that not everyone wants to buy our product or service! We can end up feeling deflated and often take it personally. We may feel our voice is never noticed in the crowded marketplace. Old self-worth stories are triggered and hang over us like a wintry raincloud. 

BUT it is likely that we will find our tribe of like-minded people when we ensure we are telling our story in an authentic way to the right people. We will find them and they will find us. 

The story we tell about what we are offering to the world comes from our voice inside us.
But where has this voice come from? We may believe it just comes from our logical thinking brain but alas, It is also clouded with old stories woven from limiting beliefs, emotional upsets, and deflated self-esteem issues. These stories have wound themselves so tightly together they seem like truths and, we often believe them to be so. But is it really true that because Johnny told you “you were stupid” in the schoolyard that you really are? Is it true that you will never speak in public again because when you were 8 everyone laughed at you and to protect yourself you vowed never to feel that shame again?
Are we really going to allow those old stories dictate our life now? AND our capacity to sell our product or service? 

Believe me, I have learned valuable lessons from past experiences and, am still learning. My most memorable AHA moments come from the times that I find an old story is driving me. One of my life lessons has been to find MY authentic voice and to come from there when I am telling my story. It took many years of studying and unraveling my own stories to allow me to step into my power and break through MY own inner made glass ceiling of limitations. 

It’s now my passion to help people unlock their own hidden stories and release them should  they wish to.
When we really get clear on the voice inside and why it says what it does, we can begin to write our own stories based on where we are and where we want to be. We can break down self-made barriers that we put up to keep us safe when we were more vulnerable, but are not necessarily doing us any good now. Imagine the 8-year-old who was laughed at when she stood up to tell her story. She felt she needed to protect herself at a most vulnerable time but unfortunately, this story may still be keeping her stuck in doing exactly what she wants to do .. tell her story. 

When we find the basis of these old stories we can choose to let them go! We can learn to realise that what we needed to keep us safe when we were 8 may not actually be keeping us safe any longer. We can own it and decide to learn a way to let it go so that we can stand up and shout our story from the rooftops. When we are telling our story from the right place with no old emotional strangleholds attached, we will begin to attract who we want to attract whether that be our ideal client or an ideal relationship.

We will also be tapping into the energy of many others who have the same limiting stories and inspiring them to change their lives for the better. 

Remember you can learn to change your stories (, the first step is awareness of where they are originating, it always takes courage but each step forward is a step to being the empowered person you are worthy of being.


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