How to Instantly Empower Yourself

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How to Instantly Empower Yourself!

So how’s the New Year going for you so far?

Yup, it’s that time again when we think about our future and it’s exciting, isn’t it?
It’s a fresh chance to plan and explore and create our visions – and then turn those visions into reality.

Aren’t there just so many New Year slogans?
Get smart get going!
Invest in the best!

No time like right now!

And we get filled with enthusiasm and say to ourselves, ‘I know my plans didn’t quite pan out last year – but this year it’s going to be different, yay!’
And then… we do exactly what we did last year. We start off with a bang and a flourish and then… we slowly let our energy and enthusiasm dwindle away…

Why do we do it? It drives us nuts doesn’t it? And then we get cross with ourselves and bad humoured because we’re disappointed in ourselves. It just goes around and around, doesn’t it? WHY?

Well it’s not because we’re bad people or lazy or lacking in will power…it really isn’t.
There are reasons why, and different reasons for each person.
Old habits, old fears, old let downs. Sometimes we don’t even start because we’ve already told ourselves we’ll screw it up, so why bother even beginning?

If we take the time to explore what the reasons are then we might have a fighting chance of seeing our hopes and dreams spring into action and carry on throughout the year.

If that seems like an effort that’s probably because you’re not used to spending time caring for yourself. Like most women you put everyone else first.

But here’s the thing, we need to figure those reasons out. Because once we do that, we’ll be free of those old behaviours and be able to forge ahead and kick ass.

Is it the old fear kicking in? Of being judged or laughed at? Is it that old imposter syndrome popping up again? A fear that people will think we’re too big for our boots – who does she think she is?

Or is it a fear that we might actually be successful – and then what will happen? Oh no, everybody will hate us!!

Most of the issues that hold us back are old friends and we can recognise them easily.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or working in a major corporate, or just trying to get an idea together we all feel extra pressure at times. When TOO MUCH is down to us and we’re about to implode or when we feel we’re on our own against the world or
when we just feel plain STUCK. And these feelings also hold us back.

So why do we accept this? Why do we beat ourselves up for not starting or coping or managing everything perfectly?

And why do we feel we’re not worth taking care of?

Well that’s mainly programming, years of society telling us our first place was in the home, years of believing it was important to put men and their careers first, years of accepting our role was a supportive one and that if we were brave enough to have our own business then we still had to arrange everything domestically: that was the price.

Hurray, times have moved on, women are now not only recognised for their astute capabilities, we are actively being sort out for positions on boards or in management and in government.

But STILL we put ourselves and our own needs last!

We really have to learn how to look after our own needs in a way that sits comfortably with us. Then we can manage ourselves and our physical, mental and emotional states more easily. And when we’re able to do that, we can do anything!

The ONE question we need to ask ourselves when we are in state of confusion or indecision is this:

‘Am I empowered or disempowered right now?’

It’s a stop-you-in-your-tracks kind of a question because it makes us realise that we’re operating from a position of weakness. Anytime we let our negative thoughts or emotions run away with us we’re disempowered and in that state nothing will change or be achieved.

So now – switch. What would the empowered you do or say? That strong fearless you? That creative whizz brain, that fire-starter, that truth seeker…remember her?

She’s still right there inside you, just life and STUFF gets in the way.
What would she say? She’d speak clearly and calmly and strongly and she’d say ‘Yes you can. Give it a go’

Or she’d say – ‘it’s ok to be anxious, seek out the help or support you need’ ‘You’re not alone. Risk it for a biscuit!’ If this sounds simple, that’s because it is.

Does it work?
You bet!

Try it.

Taking action needs to come from a great place inside us – that place where we feel positive and happy, where we know what we want to do and how to do it.

Realistically that’s not how things are for most of us, so the smart cookie thing to do is get some help.

We’re pretty good about that when it comes to our businesses – we get advice, whether it’s legal advice or advice about marketing or social media but hang on a minute – what about help where it’s REALLY needed?

How about a wee bit of support and guidance for the single most vital component of your entire business…. YOU?
Check this out. We are the source of our inspiration and the driving force behind everything we do, especially in business, right?
So when we don’t show up as the best we can be, everything suffers. And it’s not just our work, it’s also our relationships, our finances and our health too.

We are, literally, our own most valuable asset. So why on earth do we stress this asset, push it too far, over-load it and think it will go on forever and always be able to cope?


It is sooo worth investing in ourselves, getting the help and support and encouragement you need to feel strong and powerful.



That is the question…


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