How to make the most of your WIN membership

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I joined the WIN Network in October 2018 and would like to share some tips about how to make the most of your membership!

  • First things first… fill in your details on the WIN website so that other members can get to know you and be in with a chance to be a featured member of the week
  • Get involved in the Facebook group, even if it’s just liking and commenting. This will raise your profile and help members to get to know you. When you feel comfortable, post questions of your own in the Facebook group… you may even get “Rising Star” status
  • Follow other members on social media; members often share their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook business profiles… it’s an opportunity to follow and be followed
  • Take advantage of the 30 min mentoring session. I have yet to do this as I am trying to decide the best one to go for
  • Avail of the discounts for members, there are several discounts listed on the website, so don’t forget to take advantage!
  • Find out who lives in your local area and arrange to meet up “offline”
  • Support other members by attending their events, using their products and services
  • There is a wealth of knowledge contained in the webinars which have already happened and saved on the website. You can also watch the webinars live with an opportunity to ask questions of the experts.
  • I joined WIN after the fantastic event in the Aviva stadium in October and will also be attending the next event in Harvey’s Point in April. Get yourself along to one of the events with an opportunity to network in a friendly environment and meet some of the other lovely members
  • Every Tuesday night at 10pm plays host to the #womensinspire on Twitter, with an opportunity to ask the expert, or be the expert, and build your Twitter presence and profile
  • And finally… write for the WIN blog… just like I have 🙂


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