How to Never Miss a Moment of Inspiration

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How many times have you thought of something profound either for you or your business and then completely forgotten what it was because you suddenly remembered you needed milk? 

For a long time I thought it was just a manifestation of being a parent, but alas it is not.  It is simply because our lives these days are just too full of things to do and frankly Millennials and up all think they have to do it all.  So how do we overcome this?

Simple, affordable techniques thankfully can be put in place to help you with this. 

Reach Out and Touch… 

The old “notepad by the bed” is a good one still. Though to be honest most people would have a smart phone of some description by their bed these days rather than a notepad.

In my car I leave a lump of post it notes.  I travel a fair bit these days and when I pull in somewhere I write up a note and leave it on my dashboard.  At times it looks like a rainbow has been spilled on it but for me it works. 

Using Your Voice 

I have used this a few times now.  I drive a lot between Mullingar and Dublin of course and using my hands free I ask Siri on my iPhone to take down a note.  It’s been really useful having this facility as I don’t need to stop.

You also have voice recording ability on your phone.  I know some people have used this like a dictaphone.  You find it in the “Work” section as a standard.

I also ask Siri to send me email messages too.  It would be enough (for me anyway) to have it sitting and skulking in my inbox in order for me to do it.  Also by asking Siri to send messages to others whilst you’re traveling you are keeping the momentum up and still getting a message out. 


Hubbing It 

Not a usual term I know but it is one that has become synonymous with getting things done in my household.  It’s unsurprisingly another App you can add to your smart phone.  My family uses it to remind us to get to attend things and it even has a shopping list capability.  It has alerts that you can set up either minutes or days before an event to prompt you into action too.  It is a paid for app but its interactive for up to 5 phones and as long as you put it in the “Hub”, everyone gets to know about it. 


Blog Ideas 

I leave titles of blogs I would like to do at some stage saved in my WordPress unpublished.  The hope is I go back and finish them off, at this time I currently have 2 outstanding to do but it’s handy to have them there as I then add articles or images that are relevant to them over time as well. 

I hope you find this post useful, at least now you don’t have to miss further inspiration on your next project.


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