How to STOP stealing your own TIME

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more working weekends and evenings, with NO decrease in productivity, and while
meeting all your deadlines!

You own a small to mid-size company
and have been very successful over the years.

The more success you have, the more
those small details that come up at all hours of the day and night seem to need
your immediate attention. You keep promising yourself to work reasonable hours
and you wind up cheating on your own schedule.

You have noticed yourself ”borrowing from Peter to pay Paul”; stealing precious hours from
your evenings and weekends to finish all these work-related items
trying desperately to keep up while failing to stay ahead.

You wind up telling your kids they
will just have to wait to spend time with you, only to wind up cancelling on them over and over again.

You’re sneaking off to make numerous,
short telephone calls during dinner and sending emails from your phone
all while spending a ”romantic evening with your sweetheart”. This does NOT go
unnoticed and is NOT appreciated by the object of your affection!

You are frustrated, exhausted and
stressed out and everyone is annoyed with you
– your friends who you
keep cancelling on at the last minute… to work, hobbies that you keep
dropping midway through… to work, that new gym membership that you hardly
use, ….again, to work.

You’ve started sleeping poorly, you’ve gained weight, you feel like nobody
understands what you are up against
and you just can’t seem to get
everything organized without using a large portion of your free time on your

You feel like you’re at the end of
your rope and left with an impossible choice- your company or your life! You
don’t understand how everyone else seems to manage it all and your colleagues
are all saying the same thing: this is what it means to run a
business, you have to be available to clients 24/7 to get ahead, this is how it
has always been done, etc, etc.

Finally, what’s really aggravating
you is that when you were a younger version of yourself and your company was
getting going and gaining momentum, running this company seemed so
much easier and so exciting!
You could spend an unlimited amount of
hours either working in or on your company and still seemed to have time for

Now it’s all you can do to keep pace, no matter how much you try to delegate!

All of those scheduling widgets and calendar APPs are of very little use to you
and you wind up feeling like even more of a
every time you try to use them on your particular time
management problem.

For immediate relief, the very
first thing you need to do is get to the root of HOW you
manage time- is it on a daily basis, from hour to hour or from assignment to assignment?

Understanding HOW you work is actually more important and more
than just knowing WHEN you work. This
is the key to unlocking your time management solution for good!

The 180 Degree Time Management
Regression Process
lets you know exactly HOW you attack your workday.

For example, if you are you used to
running around putting out fires all day long, you work best from assignment to assignment.

Trying to schedule
a time in your calendar
at the start of your workday or the night before is going to be very difficult for you.
Those Top 5 Time Management Tips simply do not WORK for you!

The solution
for you
lies in having crystal clear answers to the
following questions:

1.    How long
does a typical assignment take me to solve?

2.    What is a ”needs my attention right now” assignment?

3.    What is
the difference between urgent, immediate and “can wait.”?

Once you have answered these
questions, making a Sacred Schedule will allow you to
organize your day in ”real time”.

You can then work calmly and effectively with how your day actually
looks, rather than constantly fielding questions, emails and requests, all
while trying to juggle deadlines, simultaneously.

This technique can be used
regardless of how you schedule your workday because it lets you to figure out how you personally work best!

No more trying to squeeze your
personal work habits and time management into a “one size fits all”

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Tanya Dotson


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