How to use Twitter lists

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Twitter lists are a great way to fine tune your twitter experience. I use them to put my followers or people I admire and whose tweets I enjoy into categories.

Simply click on the profile of the person you want to add to a list. (Beside the follow button)
Then, click the drop down menu and go to ‘add or remove from lists’

If you don’t have any lists created it will ask you to ‘Create a list’

You can make it a public list or a private list. A private list means no one else can see it.
If it’s a public list then the person will get a notification saying ‘x has added you to x list’.

Be creative with the name of your list. Don’t call it ‘potential customer’ no no no! Call it something like ‘new connections.’ Make categories like ‘Health’ ‘Business’ ‘Ireland’ etc

I have lots of lists. I have a favourite tweeters and awesome Irish people list. Go follow some of these people as these are all people I admire in some way.

Fine tune your experience so you don’t get overwhelmed with your feed. Categorise all of the people you want to build relationships with.

Once you have your lists – What next?

Every day I go into my lists. I choose one person and I see if there is anything I can add….eg.. I would Retweet their tweet (This shows them that I have retweeted them so it keeps me top of mind)

They usually will say ‘thanks for the RT’ and you can get into a conversation that way.

Everyday I do this. You will soon see who are engaging and the power of reciprocation too. Most will Retweet you when you are doing that for them.

I’ve added Louise of Zen Life to my awesome females list. How will that make her feel? FAB of course! Remember, Twitter is all about people and how you make them feel.

See my video here on how to use Twitter lists. Step by step!


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