Irish Divorce Summit – bridging the way to a new chapter in life

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Mel Murphy is a divorce coach which is exactly as it sounds, someone who will coach you forward through your divorce.

She is getting ready to host Ireland’s first summit dedicated to divorce at the beginning of February.

Murphy’s expertise in this area began when she left an abusive marriage and went through her own journey of divorce with all the emotions, financials and stress points that come with the life changing experience.

Certified as an Executive Life Coach for the past 12 years Murphy had a few tools in her arsenal to help her navigate her path through her own divorce and is now successfully co-parenting her children with her ex-husband.

“Looking back, I didn’t feel at the time that a counsellor was what I needed. I wanted someone who was going to help me look forward and that is what coaching does. It looks at where you are now and where you want to go in the future,” she says.

“Once the divorce had gone through, I said I wanted to focus my coaching on divorce coaching and found a course in America to study.”

After she qualifies as a Divorce Coach. Murphy began a new course in the UK and Ireland with one of her fellow classmates. They deliver a Diploma in Divorce through The Divorce Coaching Academy.

The Divorce Summit in Ireland 2022 will be held on the 2nd of February. It’s a two-hour online summit held during lunch hours. For those hesitant to join the Summit camera’s can be off and you can tune in for the conversation.

Covering all angles, the summit hosts a wealth of experienced speakers over a variety of topics to guide you safely through the difficult time and advise the best course of action.

The line-up is as follows:

Key Legal Tips on Divorce in Ireland – from a family law barrister

How to Manage the Children and Co-Parent Effectively- from a family expert and lecturer at The Divorce Coaching Academy.

Maintenance, Budget, and Finances during and after Divorce – Top tips from a Financial Planner.

Managing your Home, Property and investments during Divorce – Ian Higgins, CEO of Home Plus.

Managing your Mental Health – through this arduous process from a mental health expert.

Divorce for Men – the main concerns and worries men experience during divorce from a Male Divorce Coach.

Divorce and Menopause – How menopause affects relationships from a menopause expert and divorce coach.

Body Health and Wellbeing – Getting Back on Track after Divorce – Barbara Byrne.

Shame, Blame and Failure: The Passage through Separation and Divorce – Claire McDowell

Life after Divorce – From an influencer who has divorced twice and is now happily married – Samantha Kelly.

With this smorgasbord of topics, the summit is sure to lift your confidence to find your way forward.

Tickets are priced at €25, and half of the proceeds are going to Women’s Aid, Men’s Aid and Barnardos.

Go on, make 2/02/2022 an excellent day to start the rest of your new life. You can find more details here.

For those who would like to connect more with the community there is also a Divorce in Ireland Walking Retreat in Tralee, Co, Kerry, Ireland, from 18th – 20th February. You’ll find more information here.