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Have you
struggled with attracting a steady stream of clients with social media? Or
maybe you’ve heard that LinkedIn is useful for lead generation, but you haven’t
had much success with it.  


You are not
alone. This is a problem faced by many people and businesses. There are a few
things you can do quickly and easily to start to attract more leads and clients
on LinkedIn.


But first, you must understand that to attract today’s B2B buyer,
it requires a shift in the sales
dialogue from “What can I sell you?”
to “How can I help you?”


Today your personal brand
is more important than it’s ever been as people are looking to find out more
about an individual before they do business with them. 


seconds is all you have to wow a potential client. Your social selling success
is dependent on how your LinkedIn profile represents your personal brand.


all of these challenges, there is still tremendous opportunity. You now have
tools available to you to connect directly with your ideal prospects, with the click
of a button.


And while everyone has been talking about social media
for years, few talk about the power of LinkedIn. I believe many businesses
ignore LinkedIn for two primary reasons:


1. It isn’t sexy.

2. It isn’t fun or


While LinkedIn may not be
exciting, getting new clients and having a successful business certainly is!


are five crucial steps that will turn LinkedIn into a highly predictable lead
generator for you; I call this The LINK Method™.


the infographic below I will share with you the five-step process, what you
need to have in your profile to attract your ideal clients, trigger events that
allow you to build relationships with your prospects on LinkedIn, how to
leverage existing relationships, and much more.


you interested in discovering how to turn LinkedIn into a lead generation
machine? Take a look at the infographic below:

believe that when you stop collecting connections and start building
relationships, you increase trust, credibility and attract more clients. This is
vital because effective social selling is all about building relationships and


beauty of LinkedIn is that it is a platform that was designed to help you find,
connect and then build a relationship and trust with the exact group of people
that comprise your target audience.


people continue to make two very serious mistakes with LinkedIn and social


Mistake #1: They rush to a sale
right after connecting with a potential prospect.

Mistake #2: They never move the
conversation offline, or don’t know how to, as it’s offline that you convert a
prospect to a client.


is the premier business platform for social selling and the tips shared in this infographic
represent just a small portion of the blueprint laid out in my brand-new book LinkedIn
Unlock the Mystery of LinkedIn To Drive More Sales Through Social Selling


LinkedIn Unlocked
you will learn a step-by-step system that will help you generate a
steady stream of new leads, clients, and sales on LinkedIn in under 30
minutes a day.


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