Main takeaways from #WIN17Dublin

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The latest Women’s
Inspire Network event took place on Tuesday 10th October at the
Radisson Blu Hotel at Dublin Airport. Over 200 women (and a few brave men)
arrived to listen to over 20 wonderful speakers and enjoy some networking over
tea, coffee and lunch. There was even a chance to buy some gifts and talk to
experts in their fields, and a few lucky ladies got therapy treatments including reflexology and hand massage.

Here are some of the
main takeaways from #WIN17Dublin from people who were there…

Maria Clara Whitaker Well, I’ve been thinking a lot about
what many of the speakers said. In essence: if you’re feeling lost, the bad
news is there is a lot of work to get you back on track. The good news is that
it’s totally doable!

Janette O’Rourke The business plan notes The solicitor’s
advice on employment law contract. The FB advice. And Anna about website would
have loved to hear more from her

Gill McKenna Really enjoyed and needed the SEO info
from Elaine Lindsay.
The chill zone presentations were brilliant also.

Jagdeep Sahans My biggest take away – put yourself
out there. Look after your well-being: health & emotions. And, become aware
of your business responsibilities – no matter how big or small you are. Ensure,
you’ve got a trustworthy team. And, have faith.  I got lots of information about Google, Facebook, Solicitors (making it part of the team) and honestly lots of things that I reckon will come to mind as everything settles down.


Roisin Mboxes For me and my sister it was our first
time networking & approaching people was a fear we both had, but it was
super easy to do in the end. People were so approachable.
Also we realised how much support is available & to really go for it. We
are meeting on Sat & Sun & doing a business plan based on what we
learned. We’re so excited after it, to get our business heads on & make our
business work. It was an exceptionally productive and inspirational day.

Helena Gilhooly That there is people out there who can
help, don’t be afraid to say I’m struggling….in that I mean I need to learn
about twitter, Instagram, Facebook….these platforms take up huge chunks of
our time to get right and some of them I have avoided rather than seek help, I
always enjoy meeting new people there, I think it was our best event so far for
new attendees

Helena Tubridy A warm diverse and mutually supportive
group sharing expertise and authentically connecting. In my day job I also help
people overcome their fear of public speaking. Great to have the opportunity to
speak for a change!

Thanks to the generous Chill Out team for their hands-on care Dolores
 Caroline Cunningham

Niamh Hogan Get a solicitor now and safe guard
your business. Don’t wait until you need one. It’ll save you more in the long
run. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the business is, we all have the
same issues. Value your team and build them up always, they are the people who
will make your business a success.

Nicola Abbott That I went on my own put myself out
there, that there are always up and down’ s in business, it’s your approach and
response to the downs that define your business. Think outside the box, every
business has obstacles. It can be lonely but your are not alone x

Maeve Kenny There were highlights all day
but Helena Tubridy moved
me to tears her courage and bravery was incredible, Deirdre O’
Rourke Sullivan
for her amazing resilience & attitude & Catherine Dunphy for
making us all sing & dance! It was a day full of insights and interesting
information but for me the thing I took away most was the fabulous and postitve
attitudes and to be surrounded in a sea of that energy left me elated!

Catherine Dunphy The common theme that I took away from
the whole event was that we need to pay attention to our bodies – our physical
and emotional body – and look after both of them. Gain strength from your past
experiences and challenges and then use this to make your life and therefore
business great. Feel te fear and do it anyway. A great day of
inspirational women. xx


Michelle Waldron One of the many highlights ..
Meeting Samantha after
being in chill zone & saying to her I feel like l could dance all day  Love Sam’s reply
“Quote of the Day” Summed up conference for me

Trisha Bonham Corcoran I didn’t know quite what to expect
yesterday, but it certainly wasn’t anything like that super fun day! At first I
was nervous but very quickly it became clear that this was a very special
event. For me it reminded me so much of the feeling I got doing the camino a
few years ago. Because everyone was on the same ticket, just your boots,
backpack and the road ahead it took all ego out of things and there was just a
simple Sharing. Yesterday felt like that, open, welcoming and everyone helping
each other. It takes huge work to build the energy of an event like that ,so
well done to you Samantha Kelly and all the team you made
the magic happen!

Kerry Manning Colson This Network is special. I have so much to
be grateful for today. Thank you to Mary Cahill for the spin to Dublin, Dolores Andrew-Gavinfor being my roomies and
for the fab session in the chill room. Samantha KellyHelena GilhoolyEsther Lawson de Ocampo and the other
organisers for putting on a great event. To all the speakers for the
inspiration and to every person who came and said hello to me in my tea dress.
This is truly a network with heart xx

Margaret Shepherd So happy to be a paid up member of women’s
inspire network since yesterday. Really enjoyed meeting new people and
listening to such inspirational speakers. Lovely to meet Esther and Helena Gilhooly for the first time, by
the time I left it was as if I’d known them for years. Looking forward to my
first coffee morning next week . Mgt

We all had so much fun, learnt lots and made lots of new friends and connections at #WIN17Dublin. If you’re not already a member of Women’s Inspire Network, what are you waiting for? 




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