Making Your Dreams a Reality

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You know you need fuel to run your car and you are aware what food fuels your body best but, do you know what is fuelling your dreams?

What if you stood back for a day and realised that your thoughts are fuelling your life, would it make you change your thoughts?   

Your thoughts fuel your actions and your actions are fuelling your dreams.

How then when we all know this do we still struggle with that inner critic, the demon that rages, the victim that cries out to be heard or the inner child dying to get out and play? Because there is more to it than that.    

Whilst your thoughts are fuelling your actions, your unconscious triggers are fuelling your thoughts! It is hard to imagine how something we cannot see can have such power but, it has.     

Like everything in life, it just takes a polarity or a complete opposite to make a change. You bring light to the dark, you bring action where there is no action. In relation to your unconscious, you can make the triggers there conscious.     

The first step is awareness and believe it or not awareness is half the battle! When you realise why you make a certain stand against something your trigger is probably egging you on to do this. For example, you may find you are enraged when you hear a story in the news. Maybe it is when you hear a story about a certain type of people and how they are treated. Your beliefs around the “central issue” of their treatment are being triggered and whilst the story itself might not enrage you, how you feel about the “central issue” does.

When you find this “central issue” or trigger, you make it conscious. These are the AHA moments you have in life when something becomes clear and, we all love them!     

Here are some trigger questions to get you thinking about certain aspects of your life.  

• Do you feel like you belong doing what you are doing at work?  

• Do you feel sometimes that you are banging your head off a wall and not getting anywhere? 

• Do you feel like you fly into a rage when someone questions your authority or, you feel they are questioning your authority? 

• Do you feel fearful when you want to change something? 

• Do you feel unfulfilled with your life? 

• Do you sometimes feel like you live in an illusion and everything goes on around you, but you can’t see the truth of it? 

When you find the answers to these questions you find the beliefs you are holding onto.
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By the end of the journey you will have found the triggers that are fuelling your dreams and with this awareness, you can make a choice to either change that trigger or stay getting the same results.   It is empowering and life changing and helps you build a conscious life where you make decisions that bring you the results you want. 

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Happy co-creating the life of your dreams and the one you are entitled to.


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