Mandalas – A way of processing thoughts and ideas

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Mandalas – A way of processing thoughts and ideasMaria O’ Donovan600 wordsMandalas are an alternative and good way of relaxing and unwinding. In today’s busy world, we must figure out our relationships, our workplaces and manage our financial lives. Colouring in a mandala may not seem like an obvious way to relax but it may provide a welcome opportunity to process our thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Women are prone to overthinking situations and yet we need the time to relax, and problem solve creatively. Colouring can be a creative way of directing those thoughts.Mandalas lend themselves naturally to reflection. The circular structure of the mandala with its repeated patterns offers an opportunity to reflect on the cosmic order of the universe. The word ‘mandala’ is loosely translated from the Indian language of Sanskrit which means ‘circle’. The motifs within the circle can symbolise wholeness, and in this way, we can become whole again or ‘unwind’ from colouring one of them in.As humans we are naturally drawn to circles. We like completion and we wish to engage in something we can finish, and this provides much satisfaction. In the evening after a busy day’s work, I like to colour in a mandala. I use felt tip pens to create an impactful mandala. Once I have discovered a good method, it is possible to create a colourful and pretty mandala. Purples, reds, and teals can create a mandala which is full of kaleidoscopic effects.Sometimes I am faced with a problem in the workplace, and there are no easy answers. It is said you cannot always think your way out of a problem. I find it sometimes easier to relax and unwind by colouring in a pattern. In this way you are offering the time and space to clarify your thoughts and handle emotions.Creating a meditative atmosphere can add to the experience. Playing relaxing music and lighting a candle can provide a good opportunity for the person to absorb themselves in the repeated patterns of the mandala. Music can be a deeply personal experience. One person may like the sound of raindrops, and another may prefer guitar music. It is a wise idea to choose carefully so that the music soothes the mind and does not stir up emotions.Moreover, Mandalas have been used for centuries by peoples from across the globe and within many religious traditions. Mandalas can be made using sand and have been used by Tibetan monks since the 12th century. Sr. Hildegard, a Christian nun, created many wonderful mandalas as part of her work. Interestingly, Carl Jung had a fascination with mandalas and used them as part of his work.Furthermore, mandalas can be reflective of nature. The symmetrical patterns of the mandalas can be seen on flowers, seashells, and snails. These designs provide much wonder and a clue as to why they are used throughout history. Even butterfly wings with their symmetrical designs are part of the mysteries of the cosmos.Indeed, mandalas are a mysterious art form. The blank canvas of a mandala in a mindfulness art book can provide an opportunity to create something uniquely special. An opportunity for young and old to express their individual creativity.Nowadays mandalas can provide much enjoyment and can be a low maintenance hobby. It does not require expensive art supplies nor much space. These mindfulness mandala colouring books can be found in various book shops across the globe. During these stressful times, it can be nice to find a quiet space to colour in a mandala to process new thoughts and ideas.



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