Merino Travel Wrap Queen

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15 years ago when I discovered New Zealand merino it was like magic. For the first time in my life I could wear wool next to my skin. No itching!
For years I have been in the fashion industry and have travelled the world extensively. (We have to travel so far to see the world from New Zealand!)
So now I have put 1+1 together.  NZ MERINO WOOL + TRAVEL= MERINO TRAVEL WRAPS…..with style.  

Who doesn’t love to travel? The anticipation of a trip is almost as good as the trip itself…(sometimes better if you end up delayed in an airport for hours on end.)
What do you take to wear so you look good at the end of a long flight? What can you take to wear in case it gets a bit chilly in airports or on the flight? What can you snuggle up with? 


I have dressed women who travel the world on business or pleasure in one of my merino travel wraps. They are soft, warm, light and of course look good too. These aren’t fluffy so don’t leave bits on your nice black pants. Have you ever tried wrapping one of the airline blankets around you when you are wearing black? Ughhh…..lots of fluff that is so pesky. 

How about finding room for the jacket you thought you needed to keep warm on the flight only to  get off the other end and it’s so hot so you have to try to stuff it into your carry on bag? My merino travel wraps roll up and take the tiniest bit of space.

Do you work in air conditioning and you are constantly grabbing a cardigan or jacket off the back of your chair? 

These merino wraps are the answer to your air conditioning nightmares. Have one in your bag, whip it out, pop it on and suddenly you are transformed into cosines.

Yes I have been in fashion for years. Each season I had to keep up with world fashion trends so travelled around the world constantly. It sounds glamorous but believe me it’s not. 

Whereas, travelling for pleasure is the icing on the travel cake, when it all goes to plan.

So now I like to help women with their travelling wardrobes knowing they will get full use of these in their everyday lives.

There are different styles and colours to suit most women. 


Are you interested?
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