Short Term Goals Gives You Long Term Prospects

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With the new year starting we are all thinking about what comes next. 

For some reason this is the only time a lot of people think that however.  Its become common place now to start things in January when really, you can START at any time. 

What stops this “beginning” is that it can be (normally) fairly short lived.  I had all sorts of great aspirations for staying off the sweets and cakes this month.  I have today already consumed a Mars Bar and yes, frankly I think what a wuss I am for caving in already.  But as long as I don’t have a second (today) I’ll consider it a win. 


Short term goals, especially after having a long and decadent break like we have had, is the way forward.  So for me this week my goals were:

Creating 3 blogs
Repurposing another blog  
Instagramming healthy recipes

So far so good on those fronts!  The health side will take a kick up a notch next week when the kids go back to school and my bicycling returns! 

So whatever time of day you are reading this, think how you can create 3 short term and relatively achievable goals right now.  Right them down on a notepad or in your phone. 

Personal ones could include remembering to write or call someone you haven’t spoken too for a long time.  Getting the Garage or shed cleared out or maybe looking at the best pension?? 

Business ones could be rebranding your business, updating/upgrading your website.  Get training in an area that mystifies you or maybe just taking the plunge and do something that you would never normally think of doing.  Doing something that scares you is bracing! 


Maybe you might want to speak at a conference (Samantha could always do with more offers!), maybe you will finally get a headshot (great photographers in the group) or maybe, just maybe it’s time you understood, the only reason why you are still reading this blog post is because you are curious to see what happens next? Trust me, so is your audience! 


Whether it is product or service you cater for there is always more that your customer wants to see.  So start planning the small things today as tomorrow it will bring a bigger and better future for you and your family.


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