Situations on social media – And how to deal with them!

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Again and again I say it. Social Media is not just an add on for your marketing it is essential! 

I can’t emphasise enough that it also is not just a marketing tool. Social media is the best way besides face to face that you can actually talk to your customers and engage with them. I keep seeing mistakes being made on social media especially Twitter. It’s not just something you have there in case someone complains and you need to respond. And trust me I have been told that is why some companies have a Twitter account.

Twitter is for adding value, sharing your knowledge, assisting others, building relationships and customer service. 

Situation: I stayed at a hotel once, I tweeted a nice tweet to over 36k followers and TWO days later I got a response. It was a ‘Thank you’ which is great, but no Retweet.

What they should have done: If I was running that hotel account I would have Re tweeted the tweet to the hotel followers also to show the great feedback they got. Also most people on Twitter expect a response within half an hour. The hotel manager or receptionist should be keeping an eye on Tweets especially at weekends or approaching weekends. 

Situation: A hotel got a negative review recently on Trip Advisor. Their Twitter account blocked the person who gave the review. The person who was blocked then went on Linkedin and told all of this followers what happened and it got a shocked reaction. All said this was a huge opportunity to engage and rectify the situation.

What they should have done: They should have engaged and in public too. The company should have suggested in public they get in touch and meet to get the feedback and invite the person back again. e.g. ‘We are so disappointed to hear you had this experience. Could you DM us your details and we can call you.’

This way, the public can see that you have at least tried to reach out and find a solution. 


Problem: ‘I don’t have time to be on Twitter ‘. I just link Facebook to Twitter so it all goes out together. 

Solution: Unlink your Facebook for starters. Two totally different audiences. (plus we hate Facebook links on Twitter and never click on them) Outsource your social media to an expert who does this for a living! Like me! 


Problem: I don’t know what to say 

Solution: Start writing articles like this on your website. Top tips all about what you do. Show YOU are the expert. Go find influencers in your area and share their content and articles too. Start using video…tip of the day for example. Use images. It’s not all about YOU….put up photos of good stuff you see happening every day when you are behind the scenes or even out and about. People buy from people so the more they know about you and trust you, the better. 


Problem: I don’t understand Twitter and how it all works. 

Solution: Get training. I do that too you know. Get your staff trained, the whole team should be aware of the fact that you have a Twitter account. I’ve been to many establishments and asked them do they have a twitter account so that I can tag them in my tweets but the staff member has said ‘….er…….We are on Facebook. Don’t think we are on Twitter.’ 

Problem: I don’t know how to talk to my followers on Twitter. 

Solution: Get someone who does know (like me). Or a simple way to start is this: Go in to your followers. See how ‘Mary’ or ‘John’ is doing today. See what THEY have tweeted. Is this something you can reply to? Is it something you can help with e.g. by re tweeting them? Is it something you can empathise with?

Always think before you tweet: Does this tweet add value. Will this tweet make someone’s day? Is this tweet positive? Is this tweet solving a problem someone might have? Is this tweet useful or entertaining?
Look over your past few tweets….if you were a stranger looking at your account would YOU like to keep following them? Would YOU like to engage with these people? Would YOU be likely to Re Tweet or share what this business or service is saying. 


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