Six Myths of Solicitors

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1. We are out to rip you off 

The elephant in the room, but we are not. The reason many Solicitors enter the legal professional is because
they have a passion and desire to help others and the legal profession is the way in which we can achieve
that aim.
By example if you engage a Solicitor to buy a house, you most likely will be quoted a fee of €1,000-€1,500
(depending on cost of the house), the price quoted may appear high at first instance but you must remember
that a Solicitor has to put 3-4 months’ work into this service, when looking at it this way it gives a different
perspective. At McKenna & Co Solicitors we provide clear competitive fees which will always be detailed
and explained in full. 

2. We earn high interest on client account funds

We do not. The interest earned on a client’s account is so low that is insignificant at times, usually the rate
is 0.01%. 

3. We are intimidating 

We are normal people. We in no way intend to come across as intimidating. At McKenna & Co Solicitors
our Firms model is built on being considered friendly, approachable and caring towards our client’s needs. 

4. We are serious and talk a different language with legal jargon 

We are only serious when representing our clients’ interests in Court as we always want the best result for
our client. McKenna & Co Solicitors pride themselves on clear language in their dealings with clients, we
only use legal jargon when corresponding with other firms. 

5. We can act for two parties in a transaction 

We cannot. We must be independent, one of the core principles that guide our conduct is the avoidance
of conflict of interests. A solicitor should at all times observe and promote these core values of the
profession and avoid any conduct or activities inconsistent with those values. An example would be in a
family law divorce, a client could advise you that they want you to act for both sides as both parties are
amicable. It is entirely inappropriate for a solicitor or a firm of solicitors to represent both parties in any
matrimonial/relationship dispute. It is critical that the solicitor’s role remains and is seen to be independent
and solicitors should ensure at all times. 

6. You must be a robot to be a Solicitor 

This is not true. At McKenna & Co Solicitors our aim is to always help others. We take no pleasure in others
misfortunes and we always put ourselves into the shoes of those who fall victim to a difficult situation to
establish how we can help them best. At McKenna & Co Solicitors we treat all clients in the same
professional manner as if we were representing a family member or friend. 

At McKenna and Co Solicitors are clients are the primary focus to us and we always want clients to feel
comfortable in our presence and we always want to fell approachable. In many family law cases involving
children, sensitivity and emotion to the situation is vital, we must of course act to the best of our ability for
our client’s interest and with that comes a level of degree of firmness. 

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