Telling Your Story – Why You Need to Be the Star

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Telling Your Story

In a few weeks time we will have the opportunity to meet up and learn more about each other.  We shall all have the opportunity to tell our own story.  The next Women’s Inspire Network event was created to highlight just how important your story is.

When you hear of a new business success, you inevitably hear how they come to be set up in the first place.  You hear about the challenges they have overcome and the supporters who have invested their time and money in it.

Telling stories isn’t a new concept of course.  We have been listening to others stories since we were children.  We have had our imagination captured in all sorts of ways in books and comics and daydreams.  We have listened to the thrills and spills of imaginary characters, who have overcome gripping daring-do to become victorious!  (Spoiler – good always defeats bad in these kind of books!).

Now we are the grownups trying to thrill our audience with “our story”.  We need to make them feel and value the same things we do.  However, in this non or low physical contact world – we now need to do this by storytelling.

Things have improved though!  We don’t need to do this just with books anymore.  We can now reach our audience through Podcast and Live Streaming too.  If you can deliver your story through more than one channel you reach a more rounded audience.

Why You Need to be the Star

All too often we as adults share our business story and steer clear of the personal one though.  That being said you don’t need to get too personal!  When I was a child I read an awful lot of Enid Blyton stories.  I was a massive fan of The Five Find Outers and Dog and Malory Towers.

I loved learning what drove each character – what made them tick and it helped me identify with one or several of them.  Sometimes re-reading the story at a later date meant I took away more detail and a better understanding of the other principle characters as well.

For this very reason we need to continually tell our story too.  It need not be the same story every time either.  We can show parts (like chapters) or deliver the whole story.  When I say this I mean only related to your business but intertwining the personal part through it.  We may not have been relevant to our audience the last time we put ourselves out there but by placing your story in front of others on a semi regular basis you will reach them eventually at the right time.

It can be very difficult to put your face and/or name to a story.  I have also felt the same.  For over a year I hid behind my brand and was unable to stand up any longer than a minute at a networking meeting to tell people about who and what my business does.  Once I did though, I became recognisable and relatable.

So if you have a website or a Facebook (or both!).  Please look at filling out an About Me section.  Look at incorporating details about your background and what inspired you to take your chosen path.  Maybe put down what you wish to end up doing too.  Let people know where you heart is and you’ll find people will return it.


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