The Moment of the Pivot

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I created the #irishweddingchat community after having a conversation with the wonderful Samantha Kelly, Tweeting Goddess and founder of the Women’s Inspire Network – #WIN An amazingly, supportive network of like minded women (and men), who have established and successful businesses or are starting out and building their empires from their kitchen tables.

You see this particular day, I was a little bit frustrated because I had spent all of my marketing budget on advertising with a wedding directory that just wasn’t delivering the results promised. It was a time consuming and expensive experience.

Like a true friend Sam listened and understood my frustrations very well. She didn’t focus on the negative, she focused on the positive. What I had up in my noggin and my years of experience. And, BINGO I had my first lightbulb moment, I have the knowhow. When I use social media wisely and consistently it works! Sure, I’ve helped numerous business owners with their social media. Doh!!!

Then she asked a very valuable question, “did there exist a network for the people behind the wedding businesses that wasn’t affiliated with a directory?” To which the answer is simply NO. Not that I knew of.

Another lightbulb moment. Oh my! My network is full of business owners supplying the wedding industry. And, from listening I knew I wasn’t alone. There was a need for a helpful and inclusive community. A community that was not connected to a wedding directory, independent. There to support and help each other.

Being a member of #WIN – Women’s Inspire Network since its inception, I’ve come to realise that having a supportive network is worth its weight in gold. And, the people behind the Wedding Businesses in Ireland didn’t have such a network.

And, so the #irishweddingchat community was born.

The aim is to support and nurture the real person behind the wedding business. Providing a safe place to talk and share good news or not so good news. To receive the needed advice or share valuable insights.

To help the craftsperson, artist, designer, florist, photographer, stationer, dressmaker, videographer, mua, hairdresser, milliner, celebrant and the list goes on to reach a wider audience.

Connecting Brides and Grooms-to-be, their Wedding Parties and Wedding Guests with the finest Wedding Gifts, Products and Services available in Ireland.

Follow us Twitter and join the conversation on Monday’s at 10pm for #IrishWeddingChat when we show off our bespoke gifts, services, products and venues while networking and having the craic. It’s like going to a Wedding Fair, only it’s online.

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