This is Denise McGarry, and she knows her worth

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Finding your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got, and that sure is the case for one brave woman in the Women’s Inspire Network, she has fought her way through an abusive relationship, come out the other side, found her worth and is now intent on helping other women finding theirs.

After her divorce Denise McGarry decided she had to make a change so she embarked on a journey with Heal Your Life, something that would set her on the path to her new purpose. In 2017 she became a Heal Your Life teacher.

“It’s all about healing your past and trauma but when I saw my own transformation I thought, wow, I really can’t keep this to myself I need to help other women,” she says.

After years in sales and consultancy she began doing workshops on the side because she really wanted to spread the good word that you can change your life by healing yourself and finding your worth.

“I saw the transformation in my own life, my stress levels dropped. Other people noticed that I was more chilled out because I’d had a very stressful life, I had been through domestic violence and we lost our home, and there was a lot more stuff going on in the background,” say McGarry.

If you haven’t grasped it by now, McGarry is a very resilient woman.

“When you come out of a situation like that – certainly your confidence level is on the floor, you are kind of just putting one foot in front of the other every day,” she explains.

The heal your life course helped with that. A portion of the course is about abundance and McGarry did her final presentation on abundance and the law of attraction. This in turn led her to complete Bob Proctor’s The Science of Getting Rich programme.

“They do say you teach what you need to learn and that was certainly true for me,” she says. “In different stages of my life I carried a lot of debt, I worried about money all the time, even when I had money, I worried about it.”

Seeing the transformation in her life, and her bank balance, she decided she should use her new found knowledge, and confidence, to help other women.

She began doing workshops in community centres in the Carlow region, even though she was from Kildare. At that stage she still had that doubt about putting her own name to her workshops and she felt she certainly could not start this in Kildare where people might know her, she wasn’t there yet.

When the pandemic hit, she moved her services online and became the Women’s Empowerment Academy.

“I realised in the last six months I was using it to hide behind – so nobody knew it was me,” she says.

Well, they certainly will now because she is in the process of rebranding to Denise McGarry. Finally feeling that she is there it feels like she’s letting us know she has healed, transformed and is ready to spread her wings!

“Funnily enough when I bought the Women’s empowerment academy I did buy Denise McGarry dot com as well but now I’m ready to own my own stuff,” she says.

McGarry would like to help other women know their worth and she has very kindly given us a great exercise to work through to know your own worth and ask for the money you deserve.

“If you write down the results people are going to get from working with you and then work backwards you will find it easier to price your offers. People don’t factor in your value, your training, or the call that you do with them,” she explains.

“Get a piece of paper and write down 1-20 of every result that your client gets from working with you,” she continues. “Beside those results put a monetary value down beside it. Then when you add that up at the end, you are most likely not going to charge that amount, but it does give you a whole different mind set to pricing and seeing the impact you have with your service.”

“For most of us that is what we miss, we don’t see the actual value of what we do,” she adds.

This is Denise McGarry, she is a money coach, and she knows her worth.

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