Three Self Love Tips

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Spending Time With You
Spending time with yourself isn’t selfish in fact I would argue that not spending time with yourself to recharge is selfish. You must of heard the saying you can not pour from a empty cup.

If you are not taking time out doing what you want chances are you are not giving fully to others also.

But what do you like? Chances are if you haven’t spent time doing what you like for a while you may have forgotten what it is you like to do or maybe a piece of who you are has got lost.

 At the Self Love Club At Irelands Got Curves  we remind you every Monday at least to plan your #metime for the week.

Celebrating Your Wins
So self praise is no praise is it? Wow what a time some of us were brought up in. Imagine starting life being told just how good you are, being told what a good girl/boy you are. Being told what a clever girl/boy you are. Being told what a big girl/boy you are. Then one day I am unsure when it is maybe you are seen as getting to big for your boots and all of that stops. If fact it is often swapped with being told to play down your wins.

But if you think about it we are growing and learning all the time so when you are told how good you are for each step of the way to learning as a child, it tells you you have got this, you can do this ,move on to the next step.

This is just one of the many ways celebrating you wins are important. We encourage you to celebrate your wins all the time, but at the Self Love Club At Irelands Got Curves  we recognise how important it is it even has its own day!

Getting Down To It
How often to you catch yourself saying “I will do it tomorrow” ? Does tomorrow ever come?

No doubt having something you have to do on your mind weighs you down. In fact putting something on the back burner can indeed burn you out!

So at the Self Love Club At Irelands Got Curves we invite you to #fixitfriday if its taking a small bite out of a big task, clearing up a small one or even reaching out to someone whom you are not ready to talk to just yet to say I am thinking of you will catch up again.

Whatever is needed fixing get it done and head into the weekend lighter.


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