Top 5 Tips when using Essential Oils

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We have  been hearing about essential oils for many years. Some may think they are New  Age or trendy right now but they have been around for centuries. Essential  Oils are the original medicine. Every plant has essential oil in it or on it  to protect itself from disease and environmental threats.

   1. Purity. Know where your oils come from since not all essential oils are  created equal. Some may say they are pure but may only have a few drops of  real lavender and then filled with synthetic lavender or some other carrier  or filler that you do not want in your body.

   2. How to use:
   Aromatically. By diffusing or simply breathing it in from the bottle or a  drop on your palm.
   You never want to heat or burn the oils as that breaks down the beneficial  properties.

   Topically. On the skin directly.

   Internally.  Ingesting when safe.  Essential Oils that can be ingested should have a nutritional facts label on  them just like you would find on your cereal, rice, juice etc. doTerra oils  have these labels on oils like Lemon, Wild Orange, Peppermint but not on  Wintergreen, Birch, Geranium so you know which ones are safe to use in your  water, on food or in a capsule. Sometimes I will just put a drop under my  tongue.

   3. Dilute. Essential oils are very powerful. You are better off diluting  with a carrier oil and then add more as needed. Use a carrier oil like  fractionated coconut oil or another oil that you would eat like olive oil.  
   Some oils are ‘hot’ oils like Oregano and Cinnamon. These will heat up the  skin when applied neat (aka not diluted) and be uncomfortable for a short  while. Use a carrier oil to soothe the area or if any gets in your eyes use  milk or oil to rinse it out, not water. Water only spreads the heat just like  when you eat spicy food.

   4. Follow your intuition. If it feels right then do it. If it does not then  don’t. Seems simple but when you are in touch with your gut feelings or  intuition that is usually the best route. Learn the basics about the oils and  then experiment. How does it feel? Do you like these 2 mixed together? I like  this oil on my feet before bed.

   5. Share with friends. If you have had great results with a particular  blend to help you sleep at night or feeling more grounded and focused after  using lemon and frankincense then tell a friend. They may be having issues  that they cannot find a solution for or are spending a lot of money on other  products that aren’t really helping. Share.

   Having natural solutions are our fingertips is very important to our day to  day health. The more you can manage your physical, mental and emotional  health the better. Reducing chemicals and toxins in our environment is also  very important. Perfume, cleaning products, air fresheners, soaps, lotions,  skin care, hair care…these can all be replaced with essential oils.
   I would love to share more.


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