Why I Joined Women’s Inspire – Sanja’s Story

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The best thing that has happened to my career is moving countries. I have moved from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Ireland, stayed there for 5 years and then moved to Germany. This allowed me to fulfil many personal and professional dreams, to learn a lot and expand my network.

It has, however, been also one of the most challenging quests I’ve taken. For a person to move to another country, there is a task of getting to know the new community, to find new friends and ways to connect to people with perhaps different backgrounds and life stories. I wish I knew sooner about Women’s Inspire Network, but hey, it’s never too late. What I’ve been doing on my own for the last 6 years, getting in touch with people, building connections, there is this supportive and already established community of amazing women, to help boost that with me and for me.

Joining the Women’s Inspire Network has allowed me to showcase the projects that I coordinate representing my wonderful employer Momentum Educate + Innovate. This means that I can talk to my fellows within this group, to gather insights and share the knowledge from the projects we’re implementing, for example:

I’ve been able to ask the group to test their knowledge about digital wellbeing and technostress through the DIGITAL CROSSROADS and  DIGITAL BALANCE projects, which are both bringing education about digital wellbeing to educators.

I was also able to show how I build courses, for example, a course that supports women migrant students to improve their digital skills – the INCLUDE HER project.

Besides getting this kind of support in my daily work, this network means that my new business, the Outside Media and Knowledge will have a great start! We are content builders, video producers and editors and marketing consultants, so we are sure that Outside’s contribution to this group, as well as the group’s reaction to what we do, can only take us forward.

The main fit for me is how inclusive and diverse the group is and getting more diverse every day. Both in Momentum and Outside, we are passionate about diversity, inclusion, multiculturality, so communicating daily to women who understand the importance of that, means we are on the right path.




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