Why you need to learn your Tribe’s language today!

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My Dad used to say ‘It’s not what you say, but the way you say it that matters’ 

Mum said ‘Choose your words wisely. Think before you speak’ 

Who was right? 

Well, let’s evaluate both trains of thought.

Sentiment, inference and empathy are key in the spoken word. If you can’t find the right words to say, your tone and manner can speak volumes. But that doesn’t help much when you’re trying to get your message across for the purposes of being found on Facebook or Google search.

Words are part of your culture and tribe. You use certain words to connect and communicate a specific message. This works for both Facebook and Google. 

Without a shadow of a doubt words matter and the timing and emotions you evoke as a result – so let’s say both Mum & Dad were right.

Identifying the words to effectively communicate with your audience/tribe, who at the end of the day are your potential paying customers, is so important in everyday communication with reference to your products & service and even more so on social media. 

Are you speaking your tribe’s language?

Let’s focus on Facebook and how to write the right words, for the right people at the right time when creating content or a Facebook Post.

As Female Entrepreneurs we have the edge when it comes to talking to our general tribe i.e. other women in business.
We are really good at building relationships through conversation and learning about each other.
But what we aren’t very good at, for some unknown reason, is building a list of phrases that will explain who we are are, what we do, when/where, who for and why they should pick you.
The terminology we use also needs to be within a dialect our general tribe can identify with and then be drawn in to your exclusive tribe = customers 

So, let me give you an example, if I was to say – 

1. I can show you how to build an audience on Facebook using a comprehensive strategy that will improve your reach and develop into a concrete platform on which to increase your sales … 

OR … 

2. Working with me on your Facebook skills, knowing what to press and when, plus learning the easy way to create content that tells a story, will reduce your stress, save you time and make you more money.

Which one is more user friendly in your opinion? 

Who found no.1 a bit gobbledy-gook?
Neither are the full ‘pitch’ it’s just an example, but they both mean the same thing and I’m hoping you found no.2 much more appealing.

I prefer no.2 because that is my main tribal language and the people who are attracted to that statement I know for sure I can help.

Statement no1. is not my main tribal language it’s a sub-dialect and I can help those people too, but I’ve found in general that I would only use that terminology when I am planning a more corporate style training. 

One of the biggest tips I can give you about how and where to find the right words is to sit with a group of other women and talk about what you do and see if they ‘get it’. You need to agree to be honest with each other and not be offended. It’s a girlie thing and we all know we do it, so don’t pretend you won’t be wounded to the core if your pals say they don’t understand what you do. 

When I am working with clients it’s the first thing we do. You have to make sure that the words you use in your content/Facebook Posts are going to clearly communicate the transformation you can create. In my example 2 the transformational words are easy, reduce stress, save time and make more money 

You also need to put yourself in your client’s shoes and make sure the words matter to them first and foremost.

NO amount of button pushing, timing your posts and or paying for ads will be effective if you are not using the words that mean something to your tribe. 

Who is your tribe? This can be translated in business terms to your ‘client persona’.
You may have a target audience in mind, but if you are not speaking their dialect you will not attract them.

The tribe and the language come hand in hand. 


Alongside a system I developed a few years ago called the #Ruleof3, once you have the balance of tribe and language writing your posts comes naturally.

I’ve seen it time and time again with my #CyberHeros and you’d be surprised how quickly you find the key phrases which turn your posts into individual works of art and ripple away into the news feed and make an impact. 

If you want to learn how to get in tune with your tribe and get your business #FacebookFit then please get in touch.


Fiona Catchpowle



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