Adriana Maria Glab

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My name is Adriana, the Creator and Owner of Touch of Venus Jewellery, an Exclusive Jewellery Irish Boutique, the Ireland’s Top Leading Supplier, Finalist of 2021 in category: Jeweller of The Year 2021 and Finalist in both: Jewellery and Accessory Designer of the Year 2020 and Wedding Jewellery and Accessories 2020. I founded my Jewellery Boutique in Donegal, Ireland in 2018 with one mission in mind: providing fashionable and unique jewellery pieces including wedding designs like luxurious bridal back necklaces and hair accessories, also perfect for every occasion dedicated to every woman who shares passion for fashion, style, originality and elegance designed with love and beauty, inspired by Venus – the Goddess of Love and Star of Beauty

Create yourself wearing the most luxurious fashionable and stylish jewellery pieces designed just for you. It’s more than jewellery. It’s a touch of soul and beauty!

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Touch of Venus Jewellery
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