As a very young child living in America, my parents were eager to instil within me an understanding of everything Irish, the language, the cultural and the mythology. Our bedtime stories were not the usual little red riding hood but were filled with Magic lands where you were forever young, boys who could defend a province with only his Gaoth Bulga, and fish that had the answer to everything. We were transported to Middle Earth and became central characters within my Dad’s own stories, I was queen Ailishín, queen of the fairies and this is where my Grá for Na Sídhe ( love for the Fairies ) started. Na Sídhe were a race of Irish Otherworldly beings with magical powers drawn upon the natural world.  I have taken their name as my Company name, and I use many of the Celtic symbols for my sterling silver ashes cremation or hair infusion pieces.

My Business started off as a hobby initially, –  a number of years ago my children were travelling away to compete in the World Kickboxing Championships and I wanted them to have something inspirational and protective, – as I could not find the right piece to fit the bill, I made it myself! I was then asked by a friend to make a piece for their child, and so on, as a result I took a leap of faith and started my business. I now create bespoke ashes / hair infused memorial pieces that bring comfort to those that are grieving. I am very blessed to be able to do what I love.

Sí Jewellery

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