April Kling Meyer

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I am an artist, musician, writer, and business development consultant residing in beautiful West Waterford. My career spans over 20 years in media, marketing, and sales, and now I am focused on bringing deep spiritual presence into my life and the lives of those I touch.

If I had to sum up myself in one word, I would tell you that I am an activator.

Throughout my career, I have had a front row seat to the transformative energy available to us all in the creative process. I have seen homeless people use their artistic abilities to get off the streets. I have seen whole movements arise from conversations between artists and caring people who are passionate about making an impact on their community.

The greatest miracles I’ve ever witnessed, however, were when individuals in my life have made a conscious choice to take responsibility for their own evolution. In my own journey, I have lovingly collected the necessary knowledge and tools to make this transformation available to anyone who is ready.

Creativity is Spirituality



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