Barbara Monahan

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Making Your Ideas Matter – As the FIRST and ONLY Certified Brand Architect in the Republic of Ireland, I enable ambitious entrepreneurs and challengers to the market to gain clarity and direction, create authentic and meaningful purpose, strengthen their leadership, and communicate effectively to add value and build trust with their ideal audience.

I do this through brand strategy and brand design. Yes I do logos (brand visualisation) but not without some strategy behind them, otherwise they are just pretty pictures with no meaning.I

have been in the business for over thirty years, and have been personally trained on brand strategy by the best in the world, the man who taught Steve Jobs all he knew about brand, Marty Neumeier. I am part of an international community of around 80 Certified Brand Architects, with whom I collaborate with and am always inspired by. I continue to train with Marty and Level C, the accreditation body.

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