What is Crafters of Ireland? In a nutshell it is a support system for crafters, artists and designers in Ireland or with a connection to Ireland no matter where you are in the world, who are producing handcrafted goods. They are a group of skilled people, some are award-winning, who operate micro ventures. Our mission at Crafters of Ireland is to create visibility for all who join us not only in Ireland but the UK, Europe the US and beyond. We aim to create lasting connections for them and partnerships too.

Our crafters are not just a number with products in an online shop, drowned out by dozens of others in the same category. We know each of them to talk to, we respect them and are proud to have them on board.

Crafters of Irelands focus is on promoting people, who make a difference to the lives they touch through the positive intangible impact they have on the people who buy their products created by their hands. We are promoting their skills, resilience, dedication, and passion for what they do. We want everyone to know they exist, and that they love what they do. There are thousands of these small industries in Ireland and each sale they make is spent back into the economy helping to keep us all afloat.

Crafters Of Ireland


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