Catriona Mc Cormack

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I am founder and director of Yoga Ireland. I have been practicing yoga for over 26 years and qualified as a yoga teacher in 1996. I founded the company Yoga Ireland the same year at the age of 23. I have been running the business and active in teaching ever since. I opened my first yoga studio in Merrion square Dublin city in 1996 and it was a great success. I had myself and 8 other teachers offering yoga, pilates, yoga for pregnancy, yoga workshops and one to one sessions. I decided to take my training further and after 2 years with two medical doctors, also yoga teachers I qualified as a Yoga therapist.

I have been practicing Yoga Therapy for over 15 years now and specialise in helping people with stress management, back problems and thriving in their lives physically, mentally and emotionally. I work with clients through Yoga and much more than that. I guide them to a place of self -healing through yoga, mindfulness with simple technique to use in daily life. I feel privileged to be in a position to see people more forward and enjoying better health and success. To read more please go to my website

I was feeling pretty tired from running the business and I believe giving too much of my energy away. I had never been guided in this area, for instance how to maintain your own energy levels. I had heard of this thing called Reiki. I tried it and found it wonderful. It helped me to boost my energy levels and enhanced my awareness on self protection and boundaries to maintain and boost my energy levels. So I decided to train in this area so 10 year slater became a qualified Reiki master.

I now have a clinic in Clebridge, Co. Kildare., Authentic Tera Mai Reiki and see clients for weekly appointments. In everything I do I maintain a light hearted and enjoyable environment.

“Being Mindful daily can change your life, Mindfulness and energy awareness helps me to do that” Catriona Mc Cormack

I hope that I fundamentally encourage people to thrive in lives, by helping to nurturing their bodies, minds and emotional selves. My aspirations for my students and clients is that each person leaves my session either yoga or reiki feeling refreshed nourished and balanced and carries this into their everyday lives.

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