I launched Hoopla Focal to help people celebrate and express themselves through our beautiful Irish language. I hand-embroider cĂșpla focal in Irish on to sustainably and ethically made sweatshirts and bags. Customers can customise one of my designs, or I can work with them to create a completely bespoke piece that is unique to them.

I’ve taken great care to chose the sustainable and ethical option at every stage of my business. All the sweatshirts and bags I embroider are made from 100% recycled organic cotton and recycled polyester. There are 12 recycled plastic bottles in every sweatshirt! The factory in which they are manufactured is powered by renewable energy, and the cotton farming and recycling take place locally, to reduce the carbon footprint. The cotton is organically grown, and the farmers forgo the use of pesticides in favour of more traditional and eco-friendly methods. 95% of the water used for irrigation is supplied naturally by monsoon rainfall. The sweatshirts and bags are also certified by the Fair Wear Foundation, which guarantees that factory workers earn and fair wage and work in safe conditions. All my packaging is made from recycled materials, and is biodegradable.

For more information, see my website https://hooplafocal.com . Or follow me on Instagram for more insights and photos of my work https://www.instagram.com/hooplafocal/

Hoopla Focal

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