Hi, My name is Elaine Dowling and I teach facial exercises.  My web site is www.facefit.ie.  I work from my home in Rosslare, Wexford and  the classes that I currently offer are on zoom. These classes take the form of 1:1 classes and weekly  group classes. I studied facial  exercises with Eve Fraser in London in 2013 and I teach all four levels of the Eve Fraser method. I have found facial exercises to be very  helpful in keeping the face and neck vital and alive as the body grows older. Practicing  facial exercises regularly helps to remove some of the stress and strain that accumulates in our faces, it keeps the facial muscles strong and lifted, keeps the eyes more open and improves the jaw line.

I also teach Pilates, offering a wide variety of classes to both young and old with an emphasis on keeping the body strong and healthy as we grow older.
I especially enjoy facilitating Mummy and Baby classes and helping young mums to come together and share their experiences.

I am also a keen writer with a host of unpublished works at home.



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